Challenge to DREADLOCK prove capacity matters ?

Re: Challenge to DREADLOCK prove capacity matters ?

Postby wanabfree » Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:11 pm

Dreadlock wrote:Let's see if you can quote where I have stated that evidence has been presented or that evidence has gone over your head. I won't hold my breath though.
As for a debate, I wasn't aware that there had been one let alone that I'm trying to control one.

The rest of your rant just shows your lack of understanding (again) interspersed with rhetoric and false accusation. All part of the course where you are concerned unfortunately.

Now I'm getting rather bored :yawn: as I've seen all this from you before. As I said earlier, if you want to remain ignorant that's fine by me. I won't be posting in this thread again in response to you
and unlike you I'm a man of my word.

Feel free to continue posting though. I do quite enjoy watching you make a fool of yourself - without even realising it.

Oh so your “comments” were not in any way shape or form being made, because you was proving anything, or presenting evidence then ?.

So is that finally an admission, you haven’t presented any evidence at all. ?

If so, then why should I or anybody else, therefore give a toss, or need to be paying any attention to the comments, that you have made such a big deal about, if they were not proving anything, especially, comments that are allegedly going away over my head ?.

Here’s another shovel, keep digging.

It’s the evidence you should be presenting, that matters, not your comments on the issue, whether I understand them or not.

Because now you’re appearing to try and weasel out of implying your comments were in fact proving your case, and because I supposedly don’t understand them, this somehow shows I have failed to prove you wrong?

Your comments were either presenting evidence or they were just your own opinions personal or otherwise, so which is it?

Maybe I should have worded my call for a vote better by saying,

“Let’s see if your comments, prove anything, or have any significance, do they contain any facts or evidence, do your comments require my understanding if they don’t?”

But would you have tried to argue with me on that one? Hmm; most probably?

You have now called me a liar more than once on this thread, in violation of your own “rule” as you have failed to quote the alleged lie, and prove it to be so ?.

And you haven’t been banned for it, how amazing?

I have been saying you haven’t produced any evidence all the way through this, so was it a lie or not, because now you’re demanding I show were you have produced such evidence. Which is now implying I have somehow lied about you actually NOT producing some?

By your saying I need to read back over your comments, because I apparently don’t understand what your “comments”, is implying you have somehow proven your case or produced such evidence, but I missed it,

But now you’re trying to argue with me about that as well?

It should by now be pretty clear for anyone to see you’re impossible to deal with, because whatever I say or ask, you make the opposite argument, in an attempt to try and discredit me.

If I say you have produced evidence, or imply you have, you immediately deny it.

If I say you have not produced any evidence, you again deny it, and either way accuses me of lying.

And as for all the other crap your spouting, it’s my prerogative to choose as and when I am finished with a debate, or re-join it, even if I do say I’m already done with it, and I have every justification to do so, when bullshitters like you, think you can use it as an opportunity to call me, a liar, because your think I won’t bother defending myself against it, it’s about as low as you can get.

You started this whole thing, despite claiming I am allegedly the aggressor, maybe it’s a lesson for you in future, that you shouldn’t make comments or statements on things you’re not prepared to backup with evidence or incur the wrath of a sceptic.

If you’re going to lie yourself, and continually pull these underhanded, evasive, and quite frankly pathetically childish attempts to avoid answering my questions, then keep a very close eye on both the truth, and the lies,, because, as is, so often happens in these types of arguments, the one bullshitting or lying themselves, very quickly loses track of both, and because their always on the defensive, and trying to deny anything and everything being claimed back against them, it’s not long before they completely screw up, and show their true colours, and this exactly what’s happened to you, on more than one occasion.

Need I remind you, or anybody else reading this, that I was the only one, who could be bothered to check the case law database, and searched using phrases that should have reasonably produced something, in your favour, if your claims are true ?.
I have read in excess of 200 cases, even found some useful citations, for the future, which I’ll be happy to share.

I was the only one, looking for evidence that would prove or disprove either position, for all I knew I could have come across evidence in support of your claims?

I wasn’t frightened to look, so what’s your excuse?

The only question remaining now is,

So are you now going to admit, that your comments have not presented any evidence to your claims, and if not, then why did you make such a big deal about it ?, because evidence requires my understanding, not your comments/opinions, that your now, implying were not anything of the sort ?.

Let’s see if you can dig yourself out or deeper on that one?

But if you’re bored already, I guess you can return to your horoscopes,rhonda byrne novels or freeman dogma’s you must be missing?, beats a challenge any day doesn’t it? .
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