JWB Water Rocket skate - new invention from Russia

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JWB Water Rocket skate - new invention from Russia

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In Kazan, Russia actively exploring flights over water on a jet skate. The inventor sure dzhiviberding soon - so he called his passion - become a sport, not only in Russia.

Flying without wings - no longer a flight of fancy. Levitation over the lake in the center of Kazan - is not taken to continue the fantastic trilogy "Back to the Future." Since February this trial run of a water jet skate. Although the board this device can only be called conventional.

"Lifejacket designed. Fasteners are located close to a man went out," - shows the specialist.

From protection to the pilot of a vest and knee pads. All the power - in the legs. It comes to them the strongest pressure. He pushes the man out of the water. Once again not to strain the vestibular apparatus, invented and upper nozzle. This is sort of handhold. The main test - Rinat Shagiev in dzhiviberdinge, namely the so-called Kazan his passion, already a pro.

"It is not Gagarin, but close. It's a little closer to the ground, but the feeling ... The first time I came out of the water with huge eyes and a mass of sensations," - says Rinat.

Not necessarily different, and physical data. Make a loop the loop over the water area will be able to even the girl.

To learn how to soar above the water a lot of time is needed. Organizers say - 5-6 minutes is enough for a beginner JWB-erdera. By the way, there is one rule - in any case not to fly over the scooter. This is the only way to hurt themselves and the one who sits at a jetski. In the future, pilots will be able to manipulate the flow of themselves - management is built into the hand-held nozzle.

"In skydiving, hang-glider - it is quite another. Here you have all the power in the legs watercraft. From 150 horsepower or more and complete freedom of action. In three dimensions you have aerobatics you can do somersaults," - said Mansour Khalitov representative of the developer.

The group of inventors to come up with their dzhiviberdinga feint, for example, "dolphins."

Developers are confident - this will be a new sport. Indeed, interest in the board is shown not only in our country.

"For Russia, this thing is totally new, here are interested in everything, to whom the information has already been reached. Interested and Europe. Calling from Germany and the Baltic countries", - said Alexander Frolov.

In the summer of flying above the Volga can any. As the weather permits, skates appear on all city beaches. Well, virtuoso master of the air stream and are already preparing the first demonstrations.
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