De-Congested Congestion Charge

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De-Congested Congestion Charge

Postby Free » Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:55 pm

The notorious 'congestion charge' suddenly became de-congested after 'Transport for London' received the classic 'Notice of Rejection and Return of Unrecognised Paperwork' along with its paperwork returned.

The document has been used successfully over the past two years to discharge multiple matters including solicitors, bailiffs and 3rd party collectors
and on this occasion was modified to suit the particular requirement.

In response, 'Transport for London' agreed that due to a 'processing error' the charge would be removed.

Here's what its response said;

"We are pleased to inform you that following a review of the issue of the above Penalty Charge Notice we have found reason to cancel it. We would like to advise you that we have cancelled the Penalty Charge Notice due to a processing error"

The 'processing error' was of course that the 'process' had been jammed by the Notice which was sent to 'Transport for London' which isnt mentioned in its response.

However, clear evidence that unless a contract is provable there can be no charge.

The Notice of Rejection along with many other useful documents can be found contained in the book 'Whose world is it anyway? available from

Here's the link:

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Re: De-Congested Congestion Charge

Postby huntingross » Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:49 pm

In addition to your points here, subsequent to Carlisle Councils failure to contest my Class Action, I will apply for my Default Judgement whereby all FPN and PCN fines and forfeitures are unlawful in the UK.
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