Westcot Credit Service Ltd

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Westcot Credit Service Ltd

Postby jtucker » Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:26 pm

Debt Collection Agencies

Followed fmotl advise and it worked within four months.

It started on 3th May 2011 when Gordon of the Reading family, was sent a notice from Westcot Credit Services Ltd, concerning a debt of £382.89.

On receipt of said notice, a notice was sent back to inform them that he did not have an accord. He also asked for clarification of the debt. He indicated that they had 5 days to respond.

The response from Westcot Credit Services Ltd, was received within the 5 days of the notice, dated 13th May 2011, which explained the debt was with Metropolitan Collection Services. In the meantime, a suspension of the account whilst they investigated the matter. They informed that contact may be made to clarify the debt, but no contact was ever made.

A few weeks later a letter arrived and they explained who Metropolitan Collection Services were and that is was indeed to do with Gordon’s bank account with HSBC. They believed their investigation to be complete and indeed that the assumed debt was indeed his. At this point they informed of how to pay, even though Gordon had in fact not been asked about the debt, directly. This letter was returned to Westcot Credit Services Ltd, with No Contract on the letter.

The next letter dated 23rd June 2011, was in fact the same as the letter dated the 13th May 2011. So no response was required.

Then, on the 24th August 2011, Gordon of the Reading family was informed that Westcot Credit Service Ltd, had been in contact with Metropolitan Collection Services, and they had withdrawn the account and therefore, that was the end of Westcot Credit Services Ltd involvement in this matter.
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Re: Westcot Credit Service Ltd

Postby Dipsy » Sat Aug 27, 2011 2:41 pm

Its so easy! You just need to set the record straight:) These people work on a principle called presumption of law. They presume you have contracted with them and will keep going till one day you realise what is happening and put the brakes on. I personally deal with Debt collectors by ignoring them and will only do the administrative process if i receive a real summons and not a threat. Meanwhile everything goes in the bin.
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