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Speed Camera presentment

PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 12:35 am
by KentB
A while ago a speed camera flashed me and I got a letter telling me I had beed driving at 36MPH in a 30 zone.

It asked me to confirm who was driving and sign.

I sent a Notice demanding proof that I am obliged to sign anything as well as bear witness against myself.

Some letters followed and they all were replied to in the stance that unless they provide the proof I have asked for they have no case.

That soon stopped and now I have not heard from them for months. I suspect this is not going any further.

Re: Speed Camera presentment

PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 3:30 am
by Farmer
Can you please post copies of your letters and their replies.

Re: Speed Camera presentment

PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 11:31 am
by KentB
I had a look and I seem to have lost the first notice.

It was basically Veronicas Penalty Charge Notice revised to fit the circumstances with an added fee schedule at the bottom, informing them that if I did not get the answers I asked for in the time limit given, any other responses would be invoiced at £200 each.

When no reply in substance had been received, I sent them a Notice of Estoppel as per Veronicas advice.

Got a letter saying that Estoppel was only confined to Civil Courts and have no bearing on matters like this. Below is my reply to that.


Kent-Erik: Bengtsson

21 October 2009

Central Ticket & Summons Unit
PO Box 2106
Shoreham by Sea
West Sussex
BN43 6WW

att: Mrs. L. Campbell

re: C49XXXXXNotice of Intended Prosecution

Dear Mrs. Campbell,

Thank you for your letter of 4 November 2009.

You claim things in your letter, but do not give the laws that back your claims. Which laws would that be?

The Estoppel is as a result of you offices failure to respond in substance to my Notice to you of 09 October 2009. I have not had a reply addressing the points raised in this Notice yet, and since you have not responded I can only conclude that my assumptions are correct, and I am not the entity you have addressed your original notice to. So why should I pay it any attention?

Your original notice (if it addressed to me the living breathing man – which you have failed to prove) asks the recipient to incriminate himself and demands a signature of this incrimination. Where does it say that anyone has to sign anything? Is it not true that one can refuse to bear witness against oneself, yet isn't this is exactly what you are asking the recipient to do?

I am still waiting for your sworn affidavit, where you swear on your personal full commercial liability, that KENT BENGTSSON and I, Kent-Erik of the Bengtsson family, is one and the same, and that you are willing to take full responsibility for any consequences financial or otherwise that may come my way, should I act as if this was the truth. I take the fact that you have not provided me with this as a sign that you are not 100% sure about your claims.

I am dead serious in this. You either prove that I am the legal fiction (person) KENT BENGTSSON or you leave me alone.

If you want to waste your and others time, you can still try to take this matter to Court. Similar efforts have proven fruitless by others in the past.

By pursuing this matter further you have now activated my Fee Schedule as given in my notice of 12 October 2009. Since you have not objected to this schedule, you have agreed to it by acquiescence.

Invoice attached.

Sincerely and without ill will,vexation or frivolity

Kent-Erik: of the Bengtsson family – living breathing life force of a man.
WITHOUT PREJUDICE, i.e. All Natural Inalienable Rights Reserved

PS. On a personal note, I don't know how you can do what you are doing and still sleep at night – harassing people who has done no harm or no injury to anyone, threatening them with loss of freedom if they do not respond positively to what amounts to nothing more than a blackmail attempt.
People are waking up to this abuse, and I hope the day comes when you all have to answer for your sins.


After this letter I have heard nothing on this matter. This does not mean that this is the best or right way of dealing with this. Maybe they thought it is not worth it for the measly fine they could impose for 6mph speeding. Had the fine been involving thousands, the fight might be going on still.

Re: Speed Camera presentment

PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 2:15 pm
by Farmer
I do believe they have to give you the opertunity to treat it as a civil matter. They take you to criminal court bypassing civil. Each charge has a financial value as I understand it.

Re: Speed Camera presentment

PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 9:15 pm
by daveedraagon
Just noticed the Criminal thing.
Is it not true, that if found guilty of a measly speeding offence you then are a criminal, big word, CRIMINAL. this i find interestimg, because to find you guilty, thus rendering you a criminal, surely they have to prove criminal intent, do they not???? that you criminaly intended to speed?????

Re: Speed Camera presentment

PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:14 am
by KentB
I do not suggest pursuing any line that leads to arguing the law, facts or fiction of a case. They want to draw you into their world and to argue, and our human desire to be right pulls us in that direction. When you do you step into their fiction "the public" you will be at their mercy.

Stay in the "private" or you will lose.

At the moment I am studying the materials available for free at and there is a lot of great info on this subjec there.

The Speeding matter came back recently in a summons. I was sure they had given up, but not so.

Went to court to see how I wold hold up in reality. Got a bit further than my very first apperance in a court where I was told "If you are not Mr. KentB this court cannot hear you" and I walked out, only to have my strawman sentenced in absence.
This time I managed to get the magistrate to agree to let me enter AS (in the capacity of) Mr. KentB, but I soon got lost and found myself having the choice of ending the matter there or go to a higher Court, so on behalf of Mr KentB I pleaded guilty and agreed to a fine, which I A4Ved. No it remains to see if I can make that set off stick.

Re: Speed Camera presentment

PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:19 am
by alien:nation
if we are at a stage when we are going to court, we have to make sure we go well prepared. do we know what to say at each stage of the proceedings? do we know when a magistrate gives us a choice but phrases it in such a way to push us down a certain path?
(some might say "the garden path", to which others will say "bring me a shrubbery!" and to which in turn others will say "ni!")
seriously, the system that we find ourselves faced with has been evolving for hundreds of years. like a jungle, it is impenetrable to the uneducated. the spanish conquistadors thought the amazonian indians savages - but those savages thrived in their jungle. until the viruses introduced by the europeans almost completely wiped them out.
we can think of the ptbs as savages. they operate in a jungle of their own making and while most of the time we are unaware of the jungle around us, every now and again they ensare us and hold us to ransom.
so what do we do? step out of the jungle? it's their jungle and the physical reality is your standing in it. the fact that you can't see the savages most of the time doesn't make it any less dangerous
what if we try to understand where they lurk in the jungle or the traps they set for us and make it impossible for them to ensare us? sounds like a first line of defence, but we all make mistakes. like being indoctrinated into the jungle's belief system (helps if you want to survive but not if you want to thrive physically [e.g. tv addiction] or spiritually[ e.g. tv addiction])
so now we are caught, what then? well, like any construct it is governed by reality (e.g. laws of gravity, of motion etc); with their reality governed by a prescribed set of rules and procedures for every instance. if X is said, it may be countered by a statement of Y substance otherwise Z is the result, etc. where Z is the trap is sprung and you keep walking along, a bit scared - no, thrilled - at the close shave.

my point? we must use every opportunity to learn the "laws" of this particular jungle - the procedural approaches etc.
we must not go it alone - harder to become lost when with trusted companions who are well versed in the ways of the savages
we must make every effort to provide as much detail as possible to those companions the context surrounding actions taken
and we must always record proceedings digitally (i.e. either at the hands of a court reporter or in camera - pardon the pun) so it may be analysed in a less stressful atmosphere

and to rid this decaying jungle of its savages and to return it (and us) to its (our) pristine state where we all live in harmony with it (not necessarily with each other and where harmony with it means being subject to its mute and inexplicable savagery as much as taking of its bounty) requires a virus. what is that virus? much as i would like to think so, i don't believe it is just forums like this (though this is the only one i visit it must be said so i could be very well mistaken) though they are a necessary preconditions - like houses where revolutionaries might meet. rather i think it is those explorers amongst us who see the incredible wealth we can claim back for our sovereigns (ourselves) and organise raids into the jungle and on the savages. for do we not seek their destruction? or for those kind-hearted amongst us, do we not wish to convert them and save them from themselves?

by "organise raids" what do i mean? well, where are the weaknesses? what is the easiest domino to topple? does beginning a chain reaction cause a defence mechanism to kick into gear? if so, what is it and can force it to turn on itself? much like when white blood cells turn on healthy cells. do we attack from within (like a drug?) or from without (like a letter writing or military campaign?) or do we lay in front of the machine? and hope the savages' conscience gets the better of them? the choice comes down to how much each is willing to sacrifice. or how much strength we get from each other.

two pillars exist which are eminently at risk
1. the financial system - prevades every nook and cranny and, if i remember correctly (what does the emoticon for tired sarcasm look like?) almost collapsed not long ago. what will push it over the edge? and how can we instigate or contribute to that?
2. the political system which seeks to control our every move and thought has been exposed as corrupt and self serving - see the expenses scandal for the latest proof. how can we capitalise and change the agenda?

which, or which element thereof, do we choose?

perhaps not the right thread (or forum) but a couple of elements of this thread triggered a thought process

Re: Speed Camera presentment

PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:01 am
by KentB
Amen! - at least to the part of Educating ourselves about the Jungle.

The system they have built is not neccessarily a bad one, the bad thing about it is that it is run by bad people who wants to enslave and kill us.

But the same system in the hands of good responsible people who firstly considered the good of all concerned parties (not just the human race, but other life forms and the planet as well) could be a source of great wealth and an end to most problems we face.

But it all starts with us learning how things really work and putting that to use. We then have to stand our ground and show some courage and be willing to lose a few battles in the learning process.

I still have a hell of a lot to learn, but I know that one day I will know enough to live my life on my terms and to sail the sea of commerce without fear of hitting a shoal or having my vessel confiscated. I can then pass this knowledge along to those around me who cares to know, and slowly but surely we will turn the tide. Lets just hope we manages this before the day when we have a total global police state.