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Re: Detained Charged and Arrested

PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 6:03 pm
by wannabefree
Hi I have read this full post with interest and admiration.

I will also state I am a true newbie when it comes freeman of the land I only discovered it monday

My understanding is the power of the Liens comes from what you do with it now that you followed all the procedures with opportunity to cure, my understanding is where commercial liens become powerful is to place then on the offenders property

The Hierarchy of the Law
The Application of Commercial Law :
The Private Process for the Sovereign?
"If they do not satisfy the criteria that you have put in the grace conditions in your Lien, at the end of 90 days you have just transformed the Secretary of States Office into your "Accounts Recievable Office". And Legal Title has passed from all of their real and personal property from them to you. And you file the correct paperwork with the Secretary of State and you serve this on the Sheriff and say "I want to take possession of my property". Things get very interesting. (Approach this phase with study and caution!)

If you send a Criminal Complaint on a public official to the Insurance Commissioner of the State, it becomes instantly and automatically a Lien against the bond of the official, the judge or the District Attorney. And he's dead. He cannot function without his bonding. This is held in suspension until the issue is resolved.

So now, all of the sudden, we find ourselves, simply by going back to what we've wanted all along, which is truth, rightness and a remedy, that we have, by going back to this and finding the rules that pertain to it, a way to have more power than they do, since we are Sovereign!


Yet you have chosen not to do this, Is it different america / Uk

genuinely curious (in my ignorant understanding) it appears to me you have went to a lot of skillful effort to execute justice with no effective end result????please am I missing something???

kindly curious Joan

Re: Detained Charged and Arrested

PostPosted: Wed Jan 05, 2011 9:20 pm
by huntingross
Interesting post wannabe.....but what was your question exactly.

Having issued liens against various parties, the problem in the UK is finding anyone who will register it on the public side and/or issue a summary judgement on it.

If your question is "Is it different america / Uk"....the answer is yes...unfortunately it is.....or the process has been shrouded.

Judging from your post, you are in or from the States where the process is simple and common place.

And I agree the end result is not the desired result.....the definition of insanity is doing the same thing with an expectation of a different result.

When I did this again, I had declared independence and exported my car from the UK to the jurisdiction of the enclave state Fidach, I now have Ambassadorial diplomatic immunity under international law. Funnily enough the UK isn't buying that one either....but they will have to prove that in to follow.

Re: Detained Charged and Arrested

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:34 pm
by wannabefree
No I'm fae Fife

I was seeking recourse with police whom I believed abused my rights and I came across your quest and followed with intrigue and discovered the freeman of the land etc etc

My question was really you went to a lot of time to get a commercial liens yet did nothing with it. My interest in this post was the commercial liens It appeared a powerful way to stand up for an injustice whereby when you serve it on the person it has serious consequences.

And Legal Title has passed from all of their real and personal property from them to you. And you file the correct paperwork with the [color=#BF00FF]Secretary of State and you serve this on the Sheriff and say "I want to take possession of my property".[/color]

and if not correctly executed serious consequences for the server if not executed properly again american reference

"When Sheriff Williams tried . . . to refinance his . . . home . . . a routine check of county records . . . showed someone had placed a $100,000 lien on the home . . . The lien was filed by ‘Steven K. Jones, whom Sheriff Williams had never seen,’ until they met in court on the issue of the lien.

"Jones defended himself without a lawyer against charges he filed the bogus liens against property owned by Sheriff Williams and six others . . . who were involved in the sale of his truck . . . conducted by the Sheriff’s Department to collect a portion of the $22,000 in back taxes the Franchise Tax Board says Jones owes.

"Liens were also placed on property owned by the towing service operator who seized the truck and on the man who bought the truck at the tax auction. Jones later placed that man under citizen’s arrest for theft of this truck.

"Jones is one of what law enforcement authorities believe is a loosely affiliated group of county residents who call themselves common law citizens — people who take extraordinary steps to disavow government control in their lives. Jones has a notarized document renouncing his citizenship . . . has taken steps to void his birth certificate . . . relinquished his drivers license and social security number . . . and closed his bank account because the bank card, he believes, gives the bank power of attorney.

"Jones’s two sons, 13 and 12, sat with his wife throughout the week-long trial. They are taught at home and don’t attend school . . . ‘I have two small children who I want to see grow up . . . and not be slaves to the government,’ he told the jury.

"But the prosecuting attorney said Jones went too far when he filed official looking documents [the liens] for a $17 filing fee. According to the prosecutor, the documents were ‘just garbage.’

"What Jones did is hardly a prank. Liens are a ‘ticking time bomb,’ said one expert on real estate law. ‘The victim doesn’t even know it exists. Once a lien is recorded, it remains on the books forever. Having a lien nullified — even one that’s fraudulent — requires a court order. That process likely involves hiring an attorney and could take anywhere from months to years.’

"A jury convicted Jones on two felony charges after deliberating less than a hour. The maximum punishment is three years in prison on each count and a $75,000 fine.

So now I am concluding that a commercial liens has no value because you can't serve it on a person in Uk /scotland

please find below my 2 ponts of reference


The Hierarchy of the Law

The commerce liens you have if you could get it served on those who abused your rights A strong message would hopefully be sent as in you can prove your rights were abused and you served a correctly executed liens

wow would they not take notice

I would question the sum of money you set to the liens but if it was realistic to true compensation for the injury wow

kindly Joan

Re: Detained Charged and Arrested

PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 2:58 pm
by huntingross
Hi wannabe

I had also read those references and remember the points that you pulled out for illustration.

I don't believe liens are a lost cause in the UK or Scotland.....liens are referenced in numerous statutes so it is incorrect for thePTB to dismiss them out of hand....although I'm not aware of any judge or magistrate meddling in a lien and therefore becoming a lien debtor, there is plenty of "noise" with them not assisting a skirting around the there appears to be a reluctance which tells you something in itself.

My thoughts on overcoming this establishment inertia is to sell them on the security market and let someone else monetise them....I think big numbers will assist this venture.....the other possibility is to use them as a basis for a debt in a Statutory Demand process for declaring someone bankrupt....the process is simple and I have a couple of those in the pot but not attached to liens.

The one thing that this whole venture has taught me is the lengths "authority" will go to to prevent truth from surfacing.....and especially the use of force.....We have no tools to counter that.....apart from this I'm not really surprised that success is slow.