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Whatever the subject here - we are speaking of: BULLYING!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:26 pm
by openedeyes
Hi folks,

It has been some time since I posted. There are a number of reasons for that: first off I had nothing to add to the nuggets of wisdom that the very clever men and women of this site freely and happily impart to anybody in need of help and secondly; I have had a number of family situations to deal with not least my own. If anybody has had a TURP operation - HE, for it will most definitely be a HE - will appreciate what I have been through. For everybody else: prostate problems due to cancer, all very inconvenient, annoying; time consuming and action limiting and no bloody fun at all. The upshot of it is I have spent a good deal of time incapacitated and have had limited time on my computer. Although my body might have been still, my mind has been anything but and I have done a lot of thinking.

Everything we are talking about on the FreeManOnTheLand site and the GetOutOfDebtFree site is bullying – good old-fashioned bullying that we were all (to a lesser or greater extent) subjected to in school. After dwelling on this thought for a time I realised that nothing has changed. So I began to scribble down all my thoughts on bullying and to cut a very long story short: I ended up with a very long story! I had pages and pages and as I started to sort through the morass of paperwork - a poem began to emerge.

After writing and re-writing to refine the thing I ended up with a 31verse poem. Now it’s no good just sitting on my computer so I was thinking (and I have checked and don’t think I am breaking any posting rules) if I posted the poem up for all to see, perhaps somebody who is better at writing poetry could refine it. In fact I think it would be great if anybody who thinks they could add to it would do so. It could end up with thousand’s of verses and freely distributed to all the people to show them how they are being fooled and conned by a system that is more concerned with the health of banks than the health of human beings – whoops, I’ve given some of the content away.

I know I’ve dragged on a bit and I’ll close soon, but on the power of poems, some years ago, having failed miserably to get messages over to young people, I wrote a poem that repeated everything we had told them. One young lad put music to it, turned it into a song and the kids all remembered the messages we had been trying so long to drum into them.

Bye the way, if anybody is interested I kept sending my bill to HMRC. The last one was on the 5th February 2016 for an accumulated figure of £1,119,875. They have stopped communicating with me since then. YES, I know, I know, I know what you’re thinking and yes, you are probably right – ‘HMRC are never going to send me a cheque’. I have been told this by lots of people and I accept it – as long as they leave me a lone and stop harassing me that will be enough of a success for me. But just let’s indulge in a little fantasy for a moment.

Imagine HMRC decided to take me to court for non-payment of something or other in the future; let’s say £1,000. The judge asks me to pay and I say: “Certainly, I’m happy to. Just tell HMRC to deduct that £1,000 from the six and a half million pounds they owe me, look here is the paperwork to prove they owe it to me.”

On with the Motley:


We start out in life an accident, that’s how we’re born on Earth
With traits locked in a blueprint that shapes our path from birth
This means there is no difference with the tramp and engineer
For neither had a choice of whose DNA they’d be the heir

And life is also this unbalanced and results in unfair measure
As privileged ones will steal and cheat, adding to their treasure
From atop their lofty places they trick the weak and poor
With junk TV and football and the pub’s all-day open door

So if our post in life is set at birth and favours rich and strong,
and bullying begins in school and lasts our whole life long.
why are we surprised to hear strong children hurting weak?
For is this not life’s cruel legacy, the strong will hurt the weak?

When in school the brutal ones might hit and steal our things
But teachers, parents and the Law can help us mere underlings
But bullying is also in the workplace, the system and bureaucracy
but now we have nowhere to turn for help to hear our plea.

If born in wealth and privilege, then good life will be assured.
And you’ll live your life in luxury, need and poverty obscured.
Life is pure chance, and if born poor in this real lottery,
then chances are you’ll be the prey in your earthly entity.

Good fortune may present itself, and prospects you may find,
and if keen of brain and quick of wit, and studious of mind
then you will have the basic tools to prosper and to lift
you from the ranks of those of whom were not born with your gift

For those who life has failed to give good minds, it may instead,
give bodies strong with which to make one’s way and earn one’s bread.
But those who life has failed to give keen minds or strong physique,
will go through life deprived and poor, powerless to find their niche.

Nature’s indifferent to their plight, it cares not that they’re in pain.
It wants procreation of the race, so the best of species will remain.
And it seems endemic on the Earth, tyranny must always rule
And those with the power will use it as an all-prevailing tool

In a fair world those with the power would help and shield the poor
And keep the children safe and sheltered from the horror of war
And spread the fruits of their good luck so all would have a share
Then look to the plight of the Earth and of the animals take care

But, as strong animals prey on the frail and kill the weak for food,
strong countries will wage war on those, they know will be subdued.
And in this quest the young are killed on both sides from the poor,
reinforcing that, which we know is fact, oppression’s at the core.

Politicians might come in to power wanting to do some good
but corporate bullies in Government ensure this thinking is dud
good intentions are soon forgotten and ideals are soon no more
As another corrupt mandarin glides through the ‘revolving door.’

How can we stop these selfish people, they are everywhere?
The psychopath rises to the top in politics and in commerce
Like the arms dealers - who by normal people are so reviled -
sickeningly greed driven, impervious to the agony of a dying child

People work hard and pay tax and bills while they are in employ
They don’t want much, just raise their kids and family time enjoy
But Government won’t let them be, they hound and taxes raise
And take more and more from off the poor in every budget phase

The people bear the losses while savings go up in smoke
As Governments use public funds to keep banks from going broke
This happens each ten years or so, so we can truly state
Here is some further proof of how the system will intimidate

Therefore, it is apparent to us the law favours the ruling class
And when applied to bankers this nepotism is seen en masse
To indict HSBC, I’ve heard it said, would make the bank unsound
so sub-prime lending and LIBOR rigging is conveniently played down

When people try to use the courts to help them challenge wrong
The lawyers come, from their dark places, and to the pig swill throng
Proffering high-priced fees for legal ploys to crush honest folk in court
And hired by the corrupt ones their crooked dealings to distort

This is a flaw and for the unwary makes it hard to participate
The privileged at the best schools are taught to think and debate
this cleverness is skilfully used in court against hapless folk
yet another illustration of how we are kept under the yoke

The scales of justice are greatly weighed towards those in the know
And there are traps for the amateur who wants to have a go
For it’s not enough to be in the right you need to show the proof
And also to know which law to use, Common or Legal Statute

Lawyers speak in tongues, which makes it hard to take things in
as barristers share secret turns of phrase and terms in the Latin
And although it is unlikely that they are fluent in the dialect
this ancient language spoken makes shaky thoughts misdirect

Without training in Law and learning to see an alternative account
One’s success against a trained barrister is certainly in doubt
So once again we see the weak are browbeaten and cowed
And our own kind the police join in where bullying is allowed

Are we the same under the law, does it treat us all equally?
Well something that I once was told would seem not to agree
It said amongst the middle classes the police uphold the law
But in dealing with the working class the police enforce the law

We will never see the ruling classes in the ranks of PC plods
As usual the rich occupy advantaged positions the privileged sods
Plods come from the working classes and divide us and barricade
Enabling the rich minority to bully, steal and keep us all afraid.

The police are traitors to their kind, obstructing the working people
A strong barrier between Us and Them - a power balance evil
The bullying police stop us the majority and force us to withdraw
From taking the rich minority to task for overriding Magna Carta Law

A person joins the police service from one of two directions
In school they were the bullies or the one with the imperfections
Although still being a copper the latter’s more likely to be lenient
Whist the former has a nature that is inclined to be more deviant

Of course we need protection from murder, rape and theft
And plucky detectives work to see from danger we are kept
Still the service gives the bully reign to practice pent up hate
Hounding us for the least breach while letting off the great

And how can we trust these people who won’t join a trade union?
Bound by a promise nearly 100 years ago during much confusion
The Police Strike of 1919 struck fear into the heart of Government
With many forces joining the strike causing countrywide descent

The Government of the day feared revolution the result may be
And it was clear where power lay, and the police held the key
With their discipline and training they held the power real
Only they could control the working folk and keep them down at heel

And they did and they still do!!!!

But since the time that the police promised not to strike again
Governments shifted goal posts, to see that is rather plain
therefore that original accord must now be viewed as a no-no
and cops must see the agreement is as dead as the Dodo.

Overtime the police have watched while their jobs are depleted
First by volunteer Specials, the coppers were all cheated
Now Community Service Officers do their jobs on a lower wage
but the police stand by gutlessly witnessing it all off stage

And let’s not forget the Army seeing the people as the enemy
evidenced by the Peterloo massacre, Manchester in the 19th Century
it’s thought we have armed forces to protect us from invasion and war
more likely to protect the rich from us as they bully us more

So please listen world oppressors as this song for you is meant,
why wage war on the weak and the poor and cause them all torment?
And to all of you bullies of the weak why hurt folk, it’s perverse?
When our precious life is but a flash….
…in this great universe!


Remember the murdered people cut down by the military and known as
the Peterloo Massacre, St Peter’s fields, Manchester 16th August 1819

Remember and never forget what our army did to us!

Re: Whatever the subject here - we are speaking of: BULLYING!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:08 am
by MikeThomas
Welcome back Openedeyes :cheer: Hope you're feeling much better and are still 'Paying It Forward'. :yes: Liking your poem but it does need a little tweeking.
Take care of you :hug:

Re: Whatever the subject here - we are speaking of: BULLYING!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 1:51 pm
by iamani
Hi opened eyes

What a fantastic effort! Possibly a little ambitious (and long!) but your positive and passionate intent shines through. The only criticism i might offer is that you seem more focused on the message than the poetic effect, which makes it a little harder to catch and ride the rhythm and so 'flow' through the verse.

Other than that i really enjoyed it, some good insight. i shall look forward to the the next one....


Re: Whatever the subject here - we are speaking of: BULLYING!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:10 pm
by openedeyes
Okay folks,

I hear what you say so CHANGE IT! Make it say what you want it to say. Add to it, take from it, hone it into something that sounds better and makes people THINK!

Enjoy yourselves modifying it, writing to it, revising it - I know I did.

Re: Whatever the subject here - we are speaking of: BULLYING!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:14 pm
by openedeyes
MikeThomas wrote:Welcome back Openedeyes :cheer: Hope you're feeling much better and are still 'Paying It Forward'. :yes: Liking your poem but it does need a little tweeking.
Take care of you :hug:

Thanks for the well wishes Mike

Re: Whatever the subject here - we are speaking of: BULLYING!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:14 pm
by openedeyes
Doesn't anyone want to have a go at either: making the verse sound better; adding to it; revising it or completely re-modelling it?
I am not jealous of what I write, there is no copyright on it and there are no rules.
Extend it to take into account the mortgage scam for instance, or fiat money, both are a form of bullying as we know; so tell the populace.
So go ahead and let's have some fun telling the people how it is!!!!! :wink: