Prosecution for daughter failing to attend school

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Prosecution for daughter failing to attend school

Postby SCORPIOUK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:41 pm

Hi everyone just a quick update myself and my partner were prosecuted by the local authority for failure of our daughter to attend school for a week last year as she was ill
this was my original post:

Hi last year my step daughter was going through a hard patch after her biological farther came into her life for the first time in 15 years and left just as quick leaving her very upset and confused she began self harming. Her grandmother had also died just before all of this which also had a big effect on her as they were very close. We contacted her school and took her to the doctor to get help anyway one particular week she was feel very upset and had begun self harm ie cutting herself on the wrists and tops of her legs due to this we decided to take her out of school for a week and to try and give her some time with the family and try and help her through this. we have now been summonsed to court for non attendance this is the first contact we have had the education department said they sent a letter giving us the opportunity to pay a fixed penalty which we never received . see attached summons. Can anyone please advise on how to deal with this i have no problem standing up for myself in court i just need to know how to proceed many thanks karl.

This is what happened at court

Hi guys i have an update from court i went with my wife we both managed to get into court and out again with out giving jurisdiction we simply refused to sit as we were already standing when we did sit we did of our own accord, and once there refused to stand when ordered to do so. they said we had to stand by law i said show where in law it sates this the magistrate said please you can just go you dont have to stand lol. I asked them if they were standing under there oaths today to which the clerk replied no of course there not. I was just testing the water i asked the magistrates if they were aware the court is being used by the council to enforce fixed penalty notices with out trial of any kind they didnt know what to say they were dumbfounded every time they asked do you understand i simply said no i dont stand under that statement . anyway we presented a statement to the court explaining all that had taken place regard daughters illness and the time off and the fact that we believed the school had failed in there duty of care towards her and that the procedure they followed was unfair as we hadnt had a chance to put our side or give any explanation. the prosecutor she just sat there said nothing at the end she said i think we need to adjourn as i am not in the possession of all the facts case is adjourned :8-): :8-): :8-): :8-):

The latest news is the local authority has decided to drop the case and apologized for all the trouble and stress we have been through RESULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just shows you what sticking up for yourself can do and thank you to everyone who had a input into my request for help. I think this site is a great help for people obviously you have to be careful on who's advice you take . Thanking everyone again :sun: :8-): :clap: :giggle: :yes:
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Re: Prosecution for daughter failing to attend school

Postby MikeThomas » Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:57 pm

Good on you ScorpioUK ! I remember the original thread and thought then how grossly unfair and 'over-the-top' the school was being.

Glad this little nightmare is over for you all. Love & best wishes to your family and I hope your daughter is getting the help she needs :yes:
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Re: Prosecution for daughter failing to attend school

Postby niemanda » Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:12 am

Can I just say, well done for standing up for yourselves and your daughter in such a confident and forthright manner - I admire your courage, and I'm inspired by the result you've achieved by exhibiting it...

I hope that your daughter is feeling rested and recovered. Self-harm is a scary and powerful phenomena - I was caught in its grip myself for a number of years, it being one of the few ways I could 'express' a lot of things during my teens and early twenties. I trust that your daughter is feeling heard now, and is finding other ways of speaking her truth, as I did. It all comes down to feeling empowered to speak and act according to one's own true nature and inner guidance systems: any thwarting of that mechanism will tend to produce feelings such as powerlessness, hopelessness, despair and rage, and self-harm is the expression of those feelings in a very visceral, external way, even though the individual may try to keep the wounds 'secret'. The internal struggle that self-harm represents is the area to focus upon in enabling the self-harming individual to stop hurting themselves. Our society is hell-bent on restricting our natural urge to say "yes" or "no" to things based on our own true feelings, and on replacing our internal guidance system with its own externally imposed value system. This causes tremendous internal conflict, which tends to be at a fairly explosive level during adolescence, where our desire to direct our own actions is at its strongest.

My own daughter has been unschooled from birth, and I have increasingly rigorously defended her from the unwanted interference of the 'authorities' during the twelve years she's been alive so far. The LEA will keep on trying to claim jurisdiction since it keeps them in jobs and feeling all expert and important, but they have none, of course. They really do need reminding that such is the case loudly and often, IMO. I am happy to report that DD seems to have absorbed and benefitted from this living example of 'standing up for yourself', in very many ways. She is certainly a happier, more confident and FAR wiser girl than I was at 12!

I applaud any and all rejection by parents of the overbearing state (or society in general) forcing itself upon our children, and in that spirit I celebrate this victory of yours, ScorpioUK, and wish you all well on your chosen path :love:

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Re: Prosecution for daughter failing to attend school

Postby Dreadlock » Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:14 pm

Excellent news. Well done! :clap:
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