What to do when bailiffs visit

Re: What to do when bailiffs visit

Postby holy vehm » Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:14 pm

musashi wrote:regarding selling or handing over ownership of my belongings so the bailiff cant seize anything can this person be your children and do those children have to be over 16 or 18

I think it may have been me that suggested signing over your possessions. Im in agreement with Musashi that children generally cannot become involved in this. Your property also needs to be signed over before any proceedings take place.
I did this years back, signed over our cars to the sister in law and 'sold' my stuff to a friend who leased it back to us, we drew up a contract, signed it etc.


Again in agreement with Musashi, take the trust route, this is what i am in the process of doing.

I too have bailiffs sniffing around and one thing they wont get from is is fear, fuck em.
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