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When I was dragged from my bed at 4am one dreary winter morn by an angry and very unsympathetic paratrooper, The Rev, (Get up gunner. I'm kidnapping you for the duration!) who'd just been released from a police cell for allegedly assaulting bailiffs and cops, to assist in his claim against said bailiffs and cops, we rather foolishly took legal info from GOODF and other, similar places without much critical enquiry as to accuracy. I completed six lengthy and minutely detailed liens for his family and we used a lot of what we found there. Knowing Mark Ceylon personally and having done a couple of talks at the Nottingham meets, we trusted that what they had up on the sites would be good legal. Alas, like many trusting people, we were only trusting fools.

In my latest claim, for me this time, I began to use some of the same quoted cases and findings. However, having narrowly escaped a very expensive counter claim by Ross & Roberts, because I can talk the knickers off a nun when it comes to it, I'd reverted to my former properly cynical, paranoid lack of trust in anyone who isn't me and researched in bone crunching detail every one of the two dozen cases we'd used - every one of them from GOODF, Beat the Bailiffs and so on. To my horror I found only two that were accurate reports and found that many were a complete inversion of the findings and claimed the opposite of what was actually the truth. I have been forced to research it all again from scratch and this time came up with real cases and real findings. This is why I posted that Local government ombudsman report in full - it had been quoted on several sites and quoted wrongly and misleadingly and dangerously to the trusting. The quotes from the LOG were wrong. Cave v Capel was wrong. The Equalities Act quotes were wrong and ROIRA is legally ineffective against a bailiff with a distress and so on

I won't say here which others were good and which were bad because you really need to research for yourself and be a bit less trusting that others have it right - and it aint that hard to cut and paste a real case title and find it on the net.
The LGO report is accurate and useful as you can see for yourself.
My false imprisonment claim values are based on OSCAR V CHIEF CONSTABLE RUC [1992] NI290 and you can rely on that.
The legal I've posted on my last few posts here are correct and very different to what we will find on many a freeman, lawful rebel, beat the bailiff type web sites.

I like Mark, respect his commitment and admire his energy but I think that, like the Rev and myself, he's accepted some things without personally verifying them.
Be careful out there. Trolls, gatekeepers, misinformers and disinformers and those dark souls who love the misery of schadenfreude for its own sake are always there and always active. Strive for perfection in all your legal. Entertain the possibility that a thing may be correct but verify it every time by going to the real case and reading it for yourself.
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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A lesson to us all Lance :yes:
We are the people our parents told us NOT TO PLAY WITH
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