URGENT Help required.

URGENT Help required.

Postby CabbageGirl » Thu Sep 08, 2016 3:04 pm

I really could do with some help here. I'm desperate for help.
I have two small children and according to my doc i'm mental unstable.

So here is it. I was not here. My partner answered the door to a TV Licence enforcement wanker.
He cautioned him blah blah blah. Thought nothing of it as the TVL guy had spelt the last name on the caution incorrectly.

He had all other details correct. Now after several weeks a summons arrived for the name Mr Kye Roff (which is not my partners name he is Kye Rolfe)
Ignored that as it wasn't address to us.

Then received a notice that said Mr Roff owes X amount and incurred court costs etc.

My partner phone Northamptonshire Court/Fines people to inform them that the name person Mr Roff does not has not and will not be living at this address. She asked for his name and date of birth which I told him not to he replied with am I obliged to give you that information but he did anyway.. The woman said well it is you the date of birth and first names are the same. She eventually got arsey and said he owes X amount and that he is responsible for paying it if he doesn't he may incur more charges etc.

Now that was probably a good month or two ago.

I've been out this morning and come back to find a hand delivered letter address to MR ROFF dated 8/9/16 with the words "URGENT - FOR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION NOTICE OF ATTENDANCE" "PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL" on the envelope.

I opened it to get the bailiff number (I know these letters when I see 'em)

a MR BRADFORD has left his number as 07932395368 (Working for Marston & Collectica
I checked his name on the justice.gov register he's there and registered as (and this made me giggle) Brian Andrew Horton Bradford)

The letter reads as follows:

marston holdings
PO BOX 12019
CM16 9EB



Due to your failure to pay an outstanding Magistrates Court Fine an Enforcement Agent, under the instructions of Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service has attended your premises today with the intention of Taking Control of and removing your goods.

The Magistrates Warrant empowers the Enforcement Agent from Marston Holdings, by virtue of The Tribunals, Courts & Enforcement Act 2007, Schedule 12, Part 2 18 (B) to enter your premises using reasonable force, even in your absence, should you wilfully refuse to pay the outstanding find and lawful fees in full.

To prevent the removal of your goods and the expensive additional fees and disbursements, including Locksmiths costs, you must make immediate payment to the Enforcement Agent.

Under Schedule 12, Part 2, 68 (1) (2) (3) if the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 it is a Criminal offence to intentionally obstruct a person lawfully acting as an enforcement agent or interfering with controlled goods.


Marston High Court Enforcement Officers & Certified Enforcement Agents

I phone Mr Bradford and told him no one of that name lives here or has ever lived here. He said I have to send copy of my Council Tax bill/statement to provide sufficient evidence. I said no. I do not need to do that at all. He said he cannot take my word for it. I then asked what the fine was for and he replied I cannot give you that information because of the data protection act. He babbled on over me trying to tell him again Kye Roff does not live here. He then said again about the council tax letter. I said Oh I see, well under the data protection act I am not allowed to give you a copy of my council tax bill. He said ok
Expect a bailiff, removal van and a locksmith at the property between the hours of 6am and 9pm
I said ok then and he hung up.

Please you guys I need some help. I've read through the bailiff code thing and a few posts on the forum. I know that he is allowed to force entry as he is recovering money via a warrant from the court. I know that the majority of stuff in the house is in my name not my partners and gifts to our children but still not his however I don't have a solicitor's signature to cover my arse on that one. Both cars have his name on the Log Book but I know that doesn't stand as the owner.

I have two snarling (soft as shit) Staffordshire bull terriers... and a very short temper and the ability to cry on demand :giggle:
My children are very impressionable at ages 4 and 2 and I do not want them to be witness to a man in effect breaking into our home and removing are things.

My partner cannot get the time off work. We do not have means to pay. I do have a lot of nice gadgets and expensive items in the house like £1500+ fish!

If anyone would like to pop by and fight my corner i'd really appreciate any help!

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