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Urgent help Needed re Council Tax Bailiff (Jacobs)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:20 am
by Hannah438
Can anyone tell me if a bailiff can get a court order to use force to enter my house for unpaid council tax? It has been to court but the council has not told the truth and the whole of the truth.

If the bailiff can get a court order to use force how long will it take for them to get it?

The councils reasoning for me owing them is flawed and they have refuse to sort this with me for 6 months now.

It is becoming obvious to my neighbours that the council just dont like me as a few of my neighbours have commented about it to me. Has anyone got any ideas on how I can go about getting them to stop abusing me?

The bailiffs are possibly coming on Monday and I am concerned for my sons belongings as he bought everything himself and the only thing worth any monitory value and we're are goiing to struggle to find receipts to prove this.

The youtube link below is a link to a video of the text messages sent between the bailiff and I the other day.

The following text is copied from a chat with Citizens Advice yesterday and the bit that has me confussed.

(CAB Chat 1)
Generally, most bailiffs can't force their way into your home or business premises to take control of your goods. There are some exceptions to this, which are: •when the bailiff is chasing up unpaid magistrates' court fines •when the bailiff wants to enter your trade or business premises to chase up unpaid county court judgements (CCJs) ) or High court judgements •if the bailiff has been given a court order allowing them to use reasonable force to enter your property to collect debts owed to HM Revenue and Customs •when the bailiff has been given a court order allowing them use reasonable force to enter other premises where they believe you may have deliberately taken your belongings to stop them being seized.

Many Thanks Hannah

Re: Urgent help Needed re Council Tax Bailiff (Jacobs)

PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:07 pm
by Hannah438
Well I've still not heard back from Jacobs about this council tax claim :)

Re: Urgent help Needed re Council Tax Bailiff (Jacobs)

PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:35 am
by MikeThomas
As far as I'm aware Hannah, no Judge can or will grant an order to 'break in' to your property.

If you have the means please put up a WROIA Notice and check out this page for up to date methods and rules governing bailiffs :

Re: Urgent help Needed re Council Tax Bailiff (Jacobs)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:10 pm
by Hannah438
Hi Mike,

I'm sorry for the delayed reply and thanks again for the info you posted.

I was a little reluctant to put up a Withdrawn Rights of Implied Access notice in my front window but had I heard from Jacobs again I would have done and suffered the consequences I suppose...

I'd put a similar notice in my car about 12 years ago after I got a parking ticket at midnight on a deserted car park in Blackpool, I'd only stopped due to an emergency with my dog and had been stopped for no more than five minutes as I walked the 10 second walk back to my car the parking wardens had already ticketed my car and were still loitering around my car... I was only about 24 years old at the time slim/athletic build and no way did I want to go back to my car while two big burly blokes were stood a meter away... Anyway I appealed the ticket and they said I still had to pay... I dug my heals in and refused to pay and resorted to putting a notice in my car window similar to the WROIA... The cops and peado social worker turned up late one night just as I'd got home from work and after a short row and threats of taking my son of me 'because I was crazy' I was marched heavy handedly down my garden path and forced against my will to remove the notice.

Getting back to the current story I still have not heard from Jacobs about the recent fake council tax claim but I will be printing a new WROIA for just in case.

In my efforts to resolve the council tax issue I have learnt that HMRC do not have any policies about privacy and confidentiality (in their own words) and if my local council request information about me hmrc will tell them what ever they ask but hmrc will only tell the council what Working TAx Credits and Child Tax Credits payments I have received and not what I did not receive even though they are aware that I have been abused by my local council all my life.

I only claim WTC & CTC since the peado social worker drugged and forced me to do that 15 years a go and then went on to steel everything I worked for and saved and more besides hence the situation I am currently in.

Mike Thanks again for your help. Hopefully I wont here from Jacobs or the council again.