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Re: Read this before going ANY FURTHER!

Postby MrFreeV » Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:22 am

i know this is an old thread but, it's taking me a while to read the whole forum, aside from my mountains of books and other research! :giggle:

i very much agree with Veronicas perspective. personally, i don't think any of us should look to some other society or group for what we appear to be looking for. we should first find it in ourselves, to be who we truly are, and realise our true potential. :hug:

i long for the day (and have since i can remember) when we can all look each other in the eyes, stranger or not, smile and say, thank you, it's good to be alive, here, now. :hug:

this BS has been going on too long.
as V said:
Veronica wrote:ScotFree,

If you want questions answered, you have to look inside your own heart. All the answers are there. You just use your Common Sense. Maybe it is even called 'intuition'.

My Common Sense tells me the Freedom Movement is the real deal. Because it is the only movement that makes sense, and completely satisfies my intuition.

Others may look upon it as a part of the Global Conspiracy. If so, I'd like to know which bit of it generates that idea.

i do look into the other sites and links etc. is a great source for information just like alot of others. you just have to use YOUR common sense and filter it yourself. i do despise how ANYTHING freedom related nowadays is 'branded' with the Conspiricay ethos. just goes to show how much people read into the information they recieve.
I've lost alot of friends to this system an i'm under 25! good minds, good friends, good souls. i remember them because they don't :love:
we go our own ways :)
a good day to all who read this :) :yes: :peace:
Gaining momentum :cheer:
Love Is Free
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