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Postby db133 » Sat Jan 16, 2016 4:55 pm

Open letter : Subject: REF: 13002204VCU
To: "Ahmed, Jakir" <>

Jakir Ahmed

Team Leader

HMCTS London Regional Confiscation Unit
London Collection & Compliance Centre
Po Box 31092
London SW1P 3WS

Further to youe email dated :15.01.2015

Ref: "We along with the DWP will continue to enforce the balance owed even after his release"

We can only speculate as to why you, your department and the DWP, have tride to divert away from the above for so long, fact. We do howerver note

"Judge Beddoe noted that the only evidence of injury was minor whiplash in a car crash in the 90s and the rest was a "sham"

You are aware Barry Brooks is Disabled hence :Cell M1-20 (in a wheelchair with a broken back and one lung etc. fact.

You :Ahamed Jakir and your department, had 42 days illegally added to Mr Brooks sentence:

Contravening the 'Access to Justice Act 2001', at the Westminster Magistrates Court . fact

Ref ;13002204VCU on the 20.10.2015. When the increase of 42 days was illegally added to Mr Brooks sentence. fact

You are also aware :A considerable amout of money,tools and the private property of the Late John White. fact All of which you and your department is keen to ignore. fact

As previously stated for reasons we can only speculate on. fact.

I will respectfully ask you again to reconsider your position.

Kind regards.
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