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Postby squark » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:36 pm

Are you talking about living in the woods?
Trouble is, one is almost invisible, several less so, many and the authorities will swoop very quickly.
I bought a house, can bricks and mortar imply a contract, they have no more legal impact that canvas and wood.
A large commerce club is saying join or die in the winter of cold. Join or you may not exchange goods or services. Its BS from the outset, living in a tent with no bills makes no difference to basic human rights. All they offer is regulation of trade. Who in business would turn down a sale regardless of if you are in the club or not. Its just an uninvited third party sticking their nose into everything we do.
The point for me now, is not to do unlicensed driving or no payments, (too pricey) its about insisting that they answer questions, insisting they are consistent and getting to the root of what and how they hold us. Once they are staring into the mirror and seeing a nonsensical bully with a gun, then I ask if they want to apologise or settle out of court. Whether there is still a court or not, who knows.
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