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Postby Freeman Stephen » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:59 pm

I dont want to get too technical on the differing principals of juris and legis but its essential to point out that the legal system enforced in most parts of the world today are a combination of both.

"The Law" is restricted to juris when it is described to children with the general principal of legis promoted as the only way juris can be protected.

That is to say that as children we are taught ideals like "dont steal", "dont hit people" and generally to respect the rights in others that we would have respected in ourselves. This is the concept of juris - the law in regard to our rights.

As children we are taught only the general principal of legis. That is to say that our rights are best protected by everyone obeying the police, and that people who disobey the police are a danger to the combined law.

As we get older we begin to understand the concept of legis more thoroughly, realising that its not just about obeying the police but other government agencies too. We may also notice that sometimes legis, far from being the protector of juris, sometimes seems to stamp all over it. That is to say that we might see some incident where the police have killed an innocent man, breaking the law in regard to rights, but are held to have did no wrong because they have acted on behalf of government obediently.

For some people, but not all, there is the belief that obedience to government - legis - is of such importance that protection of rights - juris - should take second place.

There are many others who feel that it is wrong when a government infringes peoples rights but cant quite figure out the distinction, seeing juris and legis as the same thing and unable to explain why it is they feel that the law is wrong sometimes.

There are some who feel that legis is an outdated part of the law which should have been scrapped along with other forms of compelled obedience.

I am amongst this latter category and it is my sincere wish to see the legis side of law gradually scrapped in an orderly fashion so that governments would no longer have a legislative right to infringe upon our juristic rights. I would see the will of the government take second place to the will of the people rather than these systems where the people are forced to obey the government no matter what it is the government demands they do.
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