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is this it ?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 8:24 am
by jobsaboba
The Physical plane is the plane of experience and plane of manifestation. It is the lowest point of the energy flow where the energy becomes dissipated in the experience we have. Analogously, It is much like a river flowing to the sea where the waters of the river return to the source. In this regard, when we are totally free to be in the dissipation of the energy in the experience we have, we are literally at the Source of Creation. It is here the energy that is being freed in the experience becomes available for the next experience we desire to have. All that keeps us from experiencing the Source in all that we experience is our own mind and what we imagine about what we are experiencing. We live in the illusion of mind rather than seeing the truth of what is.

The energy flow is into the Physical plane based on how we directed our creative life energy and out of the Physical plane back into the Source, into the unmanifested. Here it is recast and reformed into a new creation based on how we have focused our attention and awareness based on what we think and believe.

What we manifest and experience at any given instant in the Physical plane is in direct response to our state of being and the best expression of that state of being for the environment in which we find ourselves as a result of our own inner reflected in the outer. Our state of being is expressed as our environment, what our bodies are doing in that environment and the experience we are having in our bodies in that environment. What needs to be understood is that what we actually experience physically is not the state of being but the result of that state of being and the environment in which we find ourselves. Another way of stating that is the state of being we are experiencing is all of what is occurring not just the physical and if any one thing changes we are not in the same state of being.

This is an extremely important point to understand and how we understand it will determine how we go about creating the experiences that we choose to have. We cannot copy our previous actions of the body and/or the mind that we previously experienced and expect to experience the state of being that we were in that created those experiences. We are different because of the experience. To try and recreate it is to live in the past rather than creating something new.

If we are fully present to what is, as it is, in the moment, we cannot recreate that moment. If we felt a certain way and we can reproduce that feeling, then we are not living in the moment but in a separation from the moment. If we recreate or re-experience anything of the past, we are living in the past and an illusion of separation created by our mind. Anything that we recreate means that we are living in a creation of our own mind that is less than, or only a part of, what is. Or, alternative said, we are living in an illusion that we created with our mind that is not of the moment.

What needs to be understood is that our environment, the actions of our body and the experience that we had in a particular moment is created by the beliefs that we have in that moment and how we were allowing ourselves to experience that moment. Each moment is totally unique. All of these factors, our beliefs, our environment, our bodies actions, our experience of those actions and that environment are all integrally connected to give us an unique moment. We then judge that moment a pleasurable or un-pleasurable and then set about recreating or maintaining the pleasurable moments based on the past rather than realizing now to create those moment by how we flow into the future.

The fact that we had a wonderful experience sitting in a particular place in nature does not guarantee we will have that same wonderful experience in that same place again for both we are different and the place is different. Nothing remains the same. Everything is changing. Unless we are moving with that change and experiencing that change in the moment we are living in the illusion and separation created by the mind.

We try and control the moment with our mind to create what we want much more that we every realize. Every moment can be a blissful moment no matter what is happening externally to us if we are allowing ourselves to experience that moment with a set of beliefs that allow us to be happy with what is, exactly as it is. However, since we are infinitely dimensional beings, some part of ourselves tends to want, or like, something slightly different than what is. Consequently, we allow some type of judgment, consciously or nonconsciously, to arise about the moment that causes us to experience something less than blissful.

We come to believe and think that there is a certain way we must be to experience a certain way of being or a certain experience. To experience bliss and joy we have to do certain things, be a certain way or have certain people or things in our lives. Nothing can be farther from the truth. We live in an world of unlimited possibilities. One of those possibilities is that we can experience every moment as a moment is bliss no matter what is happening to our body or in our external world. In many ways the whole point of life is to come to that realization and learn to live as close to that realization as possible. This understanding allows us to look at two important points.

The issue of attachment to the experience in the body: The first is, because we have become so attached to the body, we think there are certain ways we need to be in our body to have certain experiences. There are people who have spend a lifetime of focusing their attention and awareness in such a way to create certain experiences. At the moment of our experience what we are doing physically and within our whole being is what is causing the experience. It can be a feeling of bliss in meditation after spending years practicing and sitting in meditation. Or, it can be baseball player hitting a grand slam when their team is three runs down and losing the ball the game in the bottom of the ninth inning with a full count of three balls and two strikes. The problem we all face as does this individual, is the individual thinks what they were doing physically is what caused the bliss. However, the truth of the manner is that moment offered the opportunity to allow them to feel bliss based on what they believe about bliss and what was important to them personally. If we did not carry a judgment about what bliss is and how to obtain it, we would be in it every moment of our lives and would have to do nothing to obtain it. We would simply be experiencing it. All that keeps us from it is our mind.

Individuals tend to go off and copy the body postures and/or breathing and meditative techniques of great masters who obtain an inner state of bliss. The individual thinks that it is the body posture or breathing techniques will aid them in finding bliss. The reason why there are so many techniques and traditions is that each persons is unique. Each individual has a way of discovering how to focus their attention and awareness to create a state of bliss and that way is different for each of us. Our problem is we and others believe that we need a certain body posture or way of being physically to create that state of bliss. However, the state of bliss we experience has nothing to do with the body position for the body only responding to what the energy that is channeled by the mind and what the mind believes. We have to change what the mind believes and whatever is keeping us from experiencing bliss at this instant now or any instant. The only obstacle to us experiencing bliss in every moment is only of the mind and what the mind is believing about the experience it is having.

We cannot copy the experiences of another and think we can create bliss. What needs to be realized is this "other" is not only another individual but it is also and the "other" individuals we have been, namely our past. The way we help to sustain the illusion of mind and the illusion of Creation is to think that we can create some external condition that will give is bliss and the things of the past, our past or the past of others like some teacher, is what will create bliss. Although we can do that from time to time, we cannot sustain it because we need to change what is within ourselves related to how we have come to perceive reality that is not allowing us to experience bliss in every moment. We tend to copy the past, our past or the past of others, thinking that will give us a feeling of bliss that will never run dry.

The issue of probing what keeps us from bliss: This brings up the second point of how one can learn to understand what is keeping us from experiencing bliss. However, we need to find someone or some individuals that we can trust and feel relative safe and secure in their presence and what they do. With these individuals, we then have the possibility of setting up some scenarios or simulations that create a physical conditions that we can uses to see we response and what we feel in that experience. In seeing how we respond and what we feel, we an pull the string and probe why we are not feeling bliss in what is happening.

Some may call this meta-theater in that it is a theater that goes beyond what you see. It is meta-theater in that we stage a theatrical type "performance" that is acting out a script and scenario and then transcend what is being played out. In doing so, we see how we are responding to playing the role that we have as if it were real and our actual life. In reality the theatrical performs is an illusion but what we are feeling in acting out the role as if it were real where we allow real feelings and real responses to flow we see the reality of mind. Hence the need to be able to trust the individual or individuals we are with because we become extremely vulnerable in such a state.

We are very vulnerable because we are revealing our most intimate parts of how our mind creates the illusion as to who we think we are and how we think reality works. In actually we only do the reverse in life. We are faced with a real experience that is grounded in the reality of what is. But we response to that experience thought some illusion and response pattern that we have created in our mind. By reversing the situation, that is, make the physical a true illusion and allow ourselves to response as it is reality we can then see the illusion that we have created in our life around what we experience.

A ritual or ceremony, and here the words ritual and ceremony are used since we would be creating a theatrical experience that has a sacredness about it, can be designed to allow us experience any experience that we choose to see how we would response to such a situation and what is the nature of our programming and the associated beliefs and belief structure.

What we need to realize is that there is not an individual on the face of this earth that we cannot love in the most intimate ways. The only reason why we can’t see that is because of the judgments that our mind has made about what is acceptable and not acceptable, what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong. The Universe is unconditional in what it gives. It gives to the good and bad alike. There is no preference by the Universe for what we call good or bad.

We can do a little experiment if wish. Take any individual and look at them very carefully and ask ourselves why we cannot love them in the most intimate ways, exactly as they are with them not changing. We will quickly see reason after reason after reason as to why. All those reasons are only what stand between us and unconditional love. Then once we can figure out how to love this person, chose another. Then do another. We can do this for every person on the face of the earth. Or, we can simply look at the patter of what is being revealed.

When we can to this, then we will understand unconditional love and what it would takes to love unconditionally. But then to truly understand unconditional love we will have to act on our understanding and make it real in our life and their life. We would have to become that unconditional love to each and every person.

Impossible? Your judgment, not mine. Whether you realize it or not, you are on that journey and actively engaged in that journey in this moment. Do you wish to really know why people reincarnate and why we will probably have to undergo an infinite number of reincarnations? It is simply to learn unconditional love and that we are the creator of our experience. The other individual is there only to give us the experience we desire to have at some level of our being in that way we think and believe we need to experience that desire. But we can learn in one lifetime if we choose. The choice is our and always has been ours. We simply need to start right now. Pick a person, any person.....

jobsaboba :love:

Re: is this it ?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:06 am
by enegiss
jobs, i really enjoyed your post and it is on the mark. As this experience into consciousness unfolds, reality is fundamentally changed and placed into fixed positions in the psyche as awareness, in this process, is it only possible to take with you that which you gained effort in of realisations. On the demise of the surrounding structure of the illusion al atom, or concrete precept in which we appear to exist in, in this first stage of realisations, the spiritual existence is the real master that holds all the keys to all of these realisations, and if not searched for and held onto, will disappear from thought as quick as they appear, like a cut rose in the heat of the sun, these are the practices of the old masters of time, who for themselves alone practised and kept these realisations of truth apparent for only themselves, which are still continuing in these new days, resonating down the corridors of existence itself, it is for each existent to search and find these keys given, all praise is the creator, we are this beings, exploratory tools of self, defining meanings in the eternal existence of its own self, its self renewing constantly new patterns, each with its defined meaning and point of beginning and with the new patterns, own ability to realise this, (although i personally feel there is absolutely no free choice in these matters) and feel at one with this creator, but existing as only an existential from the creator itself. But most, i feel, not realising these distinctions, and feeling isolated in life because of this matter being closed to them called self exploration. I think this is the agenda of life, life seeks life, but only through the potential of death can this be realised and kept, death is a gift to the living, to have a set period of reflection, before eternity is entered upon, :grin: (that is not a grin but a smile) if realisation is achieved, peace and light, the energy is existential to its creator and only thought manifest, is my take on it, peace light and love, these are the components of a realised man.

Re: is this it ?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:04 pm
by jobsaboba
eloquently put my friend and bang on ide say chortle chortle good to hear from you :)

jobs :love: :love: