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Truth can come from the mouth of a monkey; so as any achievement or advancement can come from any person, regardless of what they seemingly identify themselves as. The list of achievements of Jews could have as easily come from Palestinians, had they chosen to focus their attention on value and achievement instead of group recognition and martyrdom -- trying to garner pity for themselves and their "plight", trying to make that which is of no value, valuable. The question would be: in what do you place value? If you place your value on the valueless, your seeming output will be of little value. If you choose to value that which is true value -- love, wisdom, intelligence, and freedom -- then that will show as the seeming outcome.

The next question would be: under what society would you rather live? That which values value or that which values the valueless? If you value that which is of value, life is of value to you; that means YOUR life, your rights, your privileges, your freedoms are of value, as are the rights, privileges and freedoms of those around you . If you value that which is of no value, then your life becomes of no value, as do the lives of those who surround you. You reflect to those around you your value… your value to yourself. If you do not value yourself, how could you possible value "another"?

The fear is fear of freedom, no matter how much you want to gloss over it.
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Re: value's

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I though this post was about 'VALUE'S' NOT VALUE.

Value’s are about what one believes, and VALUE is concerned more with ‘WORTH’.

Value’s are naturally passed from ‘Father to Son’ in the ‘old world’ scenario, but more recently value are past from parents to children.

Some values are more practical than others, however about 95% of the values that have / are being passed down to the younger generations are, frankly, useless. Of NO ‘VALUE’ at all.

Your father may have given the value of; ‘Get a good education, get a good job, and save for your retirement.’ In the current climate this value or list of values will not stand one in good stead. They are, no more than, a simple guide to slavery.
‘Do as you are told and everything will be Okay.’ Is that so!

Values ARE important, yet most do not know what their VALUE’S are. We all make decisions and live our life by what we call VALUE’S. Some get it right, but they are in the minority; most just don’t understand that they are making decisions based on value’s they are ‘unaware of the importance they have placed on them.’

The best ‘VALUE’S’ one can have are ones that are of ones own making and are in the conscious mind when making decisions.
Experience counts for much when building ones own VALUE’S. Don’t enforce ones own values on ones children.

Your comments on Israel and Palestine, are your opinion and I would not concur. You have a Value that ISRAEL is only jews and Palestine is only Arabs. This is quite simplistic and, wrong.
I have GREAT sympathy with jews, they are being oppressed by the ‘ZIONISTS’ as are the Palestinians. However I do not wish to get into a political argument. If you do not agree with me I do not care.

Zionism is THE problem WORLDWIDE and not just in Palestine, it is unfortunate that the Palestinians are getting the ‘FULL FRONT’ of it, yet we see it in every day use throughout Europe and indeed the world.

To conclude. One can ‘PUT’ value on something, but one ‘HAS’ value’s, The two are mutually exclusive. Value’s are what we live by and Value is what we place on objects.

Namaste, phil;
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