Unlawful authoritarian persecution of innocent families

Unlawful authoritarian persecution of innocent families

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Unlawful authoritarian persecution of innocent families. Theft of their children in secret court corruption.
A Freedom of Information request to Her Majesty's Courts Service by ivanataylor

10 December 2009
Dear Her Majesty's Courts Service,

Under freedom of information, why are you allowing this to happen
to innocent people and families?

The human rights of our family have been violated time and time
again by Cumbrian Authorities since 2003. I have complained, on
numerous occasions with no redress or recourse within existing
systems. It is not until you have experienced such atrocities,
first hand, and personally, that you realise we have no rights at
all, as authorities get away with breaching those rights without
accountability. this has been my first hand experience over the
last 7 years.

Cumbria Police, unlawfully hold the names of 6 family members on
their secret intelligence files and secret computer database for 10
years, preventing me from earning a living. False allegations with
vindictive and malicious intent on the part of Cumbria child
protection and the Police are ongoing, without any evidence to
substantiate their wicked assumptions.

I am a retired, elected town councillor of 17 year standing,
including youth work, school governorship, three local schools etc.

My MP has done nothing ,despite constant lobbying over last 4 years
to help our case.

I have been GBH'd on two counts in 2007, sexually molested by a
Town Councillor, while carrying out my civic duties as a town
councillor. On both occasions this has been played down and
suppressed by local police and the CPS have No Further actioned
both events.

I am being bullied and victimised by the said above mentioned

I believe that my friend Sheena Williams has suffered and is still
suffering the same persecution that I am and would like others to
know, if they can do this to us, and many other professionals, then
the perpetrators are not immune themselves from such malicious and
vindictive assault, and abuse, in the hands of the system.

I no longer feel able to socialise in my own community, for social
or other lagitamate voluntary public service assignments, due to
being watched by the authorities who seem hell bent on discrediting

I have never been cautioned or prosecuted for any offense, even
minor. I have, to date, no criminal record and neither do any
members of my family.

Yet, like Sheena we are being treated like common criminals, and
harassed and persecuted by authority. WHY?? Because the powers that
be, secret society stooges do not like those who are honest and
trustworthy and who expose corruption. Their only line of defense
is to shoot the messenger and emotionally and financially ruin us.

The latest two weeks ago, was an attempt by local police to attempt
to try and stitch me up on drink driving allegations. I do not
drink alcohol or take drugs, so they soon realised they are barking
up the wrong tree. If I ever do go out in public places where
alcohol is on sale. I drink soda water and watch my back.

You would have loved to have seen the look on the police officers
faces when I told them it is against my religion to consume
alcohol, and that they are wasting their time. Talk about scraping
the bottom of a barrel to find something on me. Well, if we do not
protect ourselves against such evil individuals who are clearly
abusing their authority and stepping well outside the remit of
their employment policies and procedures then no one else will. My
Guard is well and truly up and they are not going to find it easy
to stitch me up.

My latest psychiatric assessment this year as well as all those in
the past state that I am mentally stable, so they will have to
dream up something else if they wish to discredit me, to silence

Yours faithfully,

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