registration application submission

registration application submission

Postby the-slave » Sun May 16, 2010 4:02 pm


registration application encases all aspects of the freeman . or inslave...issue....the argument has raged for long.....shills an debunkers alike.....have attempted to steer the new and unsure away from this goes registration, application, submission...and the birth certificate issue in one............when you visited applied to register. via an application, submission........from this application a fiction was created....your persona...or a person...mine being the being the inventor. producer or you got to choose the name of this charachter....just like your parents named you......but ultimatly, fmotl....own the person.....they can alter delete or do whatever they wish to this person, you created. because you used registration application submission. just like your parents did........if your abusive you will be banned by the administrators till they see fit....similar to her majestys difference.....its just that at least on fmotl. you get a chance to read a disclaimer first....they show you your options beforehand,,...your berth certificate disclaimer is probably in the vatican archives. due dilligence from that shower....your birthright for a bowl of soup......benefit and privilage........
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Re: registration application submission

Postby pedawson » Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:55 am

A rather different registration I think.
Your name is what ‘YOU’ wish it to be and it may not be your ‘REAL’ name it might not be your given name.
The choice was yours, not ours or somebody else’s.
It is under Common Law that we operate here and therefore do not BAN people for speaking the truth it will only be the malicious and downright nastiness that in/under common LAW it would picked up on.
Do no harm to others - this includes mental attack physical abuse Harm in any way
Do as you have said you will; the suggestions to get into (register, are honourable by the way) FMOTL regisration guidelines are suggestions as to what is felt appropriate and on accepting them this is what you have said.
Just as a note if there is anything in the suggestions you could always contact an admin or a mod before accepting. AND FMOTL are flexible enough to listen and learn THAT is why this forum is open.
Do not use or manufacture fraud in your dealings: This is hiding behind someone or something NOT showing oneself and hiding in the shadows doing dirty deeds.

People for centuries have banded together for a cause ONLY the PTB have banded together to defraud 95% of the planets population and to subvert truth and starve billions in their quest. I don't think FMOTL are in that game we wish everyone to be free to help and assist everyone else, AS is the way it would be, except for stupid tax laws and statutes, acts, fines, most of which are just to fund the people who tax, fine and prosecute.

Namaste, Phil:
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