Foods Pets Die For by Ann N. Martin

Foods Pets Die For by Ann N. Martin

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Would you feed your pet dead dogs and cats? Most pet food consumers are unaware that the food they feed their pets may contain rendered dog and cat carcasses. Or that seafood you are eating from China may also contain rendered dogs and cats. Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food by Ann. N Martin urges us to take a closer look at what we are feeding our animal companions. When you do take a closer look, frankly, it is not for the faint of heart…or stomach.

Martin has been investigating the multi-billion dollar pet food industry since 1990. In Food Pets Die For she takes the reader behind the scenes of the complicated pet food world where small pet food companies have been gobbled up by multi-nationals, where a few large companies are now making the majority all pet food – everything from cheap foods to the ‘natural’ foods. Consumers should know that it is difficult or near impossible to get pet food companies to tell pet owners exactly what is in the food and where the ingredients come from.

Pet foods contain a host of unsavoury ingredients. Animal lungs, kidneys, spleens, brains, bones, fatty tissue, and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents, are a few of the more common ingredients in pet food. However, it gets much worse. Pet food may contain livers infested with worms or diseased with cirrhosis as it is acceptable under the Association of American Feed Control guidelines explains Martin. This is in addition to hair, excrement, culled chicks, rumen and wood shavings.

Throughout North America it is still legal to render cat and dog carcasses to make a protein source for pet food.
—Ann N. Martin
The most shocking part of the pet food industry is what Martin describes as ‘dead dogs and cats as a protein source’. In Food Pets Die For, Martin makes a strong case that euthanized cats and dogs may be used in pet food. “If you see the term meat meal listed as an ingredient, there is no guarantee that the pet food does not contain euthanized cats and dogs,” she explains.

Throughout North America it is still legal to render cat and dog carcasses, along with a variety of other animal remains, to make a protein source for pet food, asserts Food Pets Die For. Though it is very difficult to get anyone to admit to doing it. Martin has been working for many years to cut through the secrecy and bureaucracy of the pet food industry to find out exactly what pets are being fed by their unwitting humans. Currently, nobody will openly admit to using rendered dog and cat carcasses in their pet food.

If you don’t want your pet eating euthanized animals – are you willing to eat them yourself? Many of the rendered dog and cat carcasses are shipped to China and fed to farmed fish and seafood. Martin explains that this fish and seafood is then sold to the USA – China is the largest exporter of seafood into the USA.

Food Pets Die For also includes information about pet food recalls, animal experiments, vitamin and mineral additive sources, the link between veterinarians and the pet food industry, concluding with an overview of some of the better companies on the market and recipes for your own homemade cat and dog food.

A frightening, must read for any pet owner.
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