GET off your knees

GET off your knees

Postby nunkey » Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:28 pm

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Re: GET off your knees

Postby pedawson » Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:27 pm

The wheels are set in motion, the inevitable will happen, however there will come a time when the powers that be will be taken and dealt with.
This is the way we are heading, money is too important for the masses to turn from it and it will be their undoing.
The underground IS 'Here and Now' and they will survive and not because of anything the governments do.

There IS a way though to halt the madness that is about to be unleashed and that is to turn off every TV, radio and stop reading news papers. Everyone should start a blog or alternative method to communicate and share the atrocities amongst us.
Protest marching IS a very good indicator to the PTB of their success, they would shit themselves if there were no protests and everyone started to report between them what was happening around the globe, they could not stop it even if they tried, and they would try, but it will fail - there is a reason for this and they have no control over how it will be achieved.

We are weeks away from the start of this cataclysm and I am afraid to say when it happens we HAVE to dig in and ride the worst of it. it IS going to last for a couple of years, growing of food will be virtually impossible and water will be scarce - this is written in there plans, only the fittest are going to survive this and that includes those in power. The END result will be that almost three quarters of the population on this planet will be wiped out 1 third through WAR.
A small percentage, and it is small, will be 'taken' for bringing this catastrophe to our planet - WE ALL KNOW WHO THESE ARE. Don't think for one minute that I am joking, I am not.

There IS a HELL and none of you here will ever see it it is brought about for those that are taken - not because they are evil but because they have broken the first rule of the cosmos 'Planecide and harming the universal natural law'. It is, if the above is to take place, going to take many years to bring back any sort of natural order. They were warned after the 'Project Lucifer' incident where the PTB attempted to ignite the only object in our solar system that is a failed / potential star. For those that are unaware of this, it was to prove the none existence of God - and it FAILED.

The time for proof that those in power are attempting what is said will come and everybody will know what is going on and what has gone on, however it will only come once there is NO chance of turning back. Sort of an IRONY, but we ALL know this and as yet done nothing.

The numbers we have already around the world CAN stop this and there are signs that it is happening but is it ENOUGH. I truly hope so.
Do NOT try to convince anyone that what is said is true - we are on the windward side of the ship and all we say will be thrown back towards us. the wind is the truth coming from those we try to convince only it blows through the crowd from the back and only we who face it can actually see it - it brings no apparent harm to those with their back to it so why should they worry.

The way to get to the masses is a difficult one and I see no way to get then to turn round, other than to report the facts and highlight the truth through writing and any form, as often and everywhere. As Individuals or even in groups 'physically' (through protest) we WILL be ignored as conspiracy nuts.

Such as this video (subject topic) WILL turn people round and once turned the stage is set to change what is coming.

This video and ones like it and all the blogs like Captain Ranty, The Talking Clock, Whitterings and all the others have to be cloned and proliferated. Our forum helps and others like them. It is by telling people to watch / read that we can make a difference, not by doing it as an individual - for obvious reasons.

As for myself, I am not that clued up as to what is going on but I am well read and informed by means I do not fully understand - it has been with me for decades and on quite a few incidents I have been 100% spot on, I have no reason to believe that this info is incorrect.
I do know that the 'others' are looking on and WILL at some stage step in - not that they want to but because for their own safety they will have to - they are not allowed to alter free will. Only when that free will is removed can they restore it. We may, in the distant future, have to do the same thing in just the same way the others have had from advanced civilisations billions of years ago.

We have a lot to learn but one thing is for SURE we are NOT safe while these POWERS are free to control humanity. Others just like them have tried in the past on different planets and have secreted themselves all over the cosmos, however the last of them are being removed which only leaves those 'infected' on this planet - there truly is nowhere these people can be placed - thus the reason for HELL and HELL in this context is only a recent creation, much to the consternation of God, it is NOT meant to be but has become an inevitability, ONLY for the most heinous of cosmological infringements.
I have said before that we are going through something that has never happened before and is likely never to happen again and it is this:
HELL HAS BEEN CREATED and will always be far beyond any reachable part of creation - lower than any dimension that is currently in existence, created for this purpose only and only for this time, it is NOT a threat to any other, other than those that stare God in the face and tell him, unreservedly, to FUCK OFF.

I truly feel for the families that will be placed there and hope that we can halt this before it goes too far, it is NOT Gods way but it cannot be avoided (unfortunately) if things continue on this path.

Namaste, rev;

Plan·e·cide   [plan-ah-sahyd] noun
the deliberate and systematic extermination of a high percentage of any given planets population, be it a; racial, political, or cultural group.

Universal natural law
The unwritten body of universal moral principles that underlie the ethical and legal norms by which human conduct is sometimes evaluated and governed. Natural law is often contrasted with positive law, which consists of the written rules and regulations enacted by government. The term natural law is derived from the Roman term jus naturale. Adherents to natural law philosophy are known as naturalists.

Naturalists believe that natural law principles are an inherent part of nature and exist regardless of whether government recognizes or enforces them. Naturalists further believe that governments must incorporate natural law principles into their legal systems before justice can be achieved. There are three schools of natural law theory: divine natural law, secular natural law, and historical natural law.
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Re: GET off your knees

Postby tom1 » Thu Jun 07, 2012 7:50 am

I think that is an accurate analysis, have told people around me in simple terms what is wrong but its through one ear out the outher.I have now realised that most of the problems in life have been artificialy introduced and are part of the adenda, not nesserserely a result of my actions, have no solution and need to be abandoned.In a sane world they would not exist.
I fould this article about what may happen to those who fail to prep and become informed, my intuition told me to have a means of clean water,warmth and shelter for when it's time to get out of dodge if it comes to that.
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Re: GET off your knees

Postby Freeman Stephen » Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:52 pm

I like sheeple. sheeple are harmless but stupid. on the other hand theres this group of mad vampire like monsters ready to use government violence to force your free will out the window who walk around expressing the same views as sheeple but with such an entirely different make up that i suspect they are not sheeple at all and certainly no shepherds having only the slightest veneer of regard for anyone but themselves and those who can do them favours. the idea that our problem is some elite group who have the sheeple wrapped around their workwheel and who we will never get to meet is perhaps too simple picture. if we could somehow bate both the wolves and the sheep we could have the wolves working the wheel while we educate the sheep on the presence of wolves.
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