self determination

self determination

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Whats all that about?
Self-determination simply means to do something or think a certain way; that YOU as a People have decided to do something or think in a certain way. No man, woman or People can interfere with you, if you do not, and it is not your intention to harm or hurt another.
You Determine what YOU do and think. Self-Determination comes with responsibility. Which means that You alone bear the consequences and the outcomes of your thoughts and actions.
Self-Determination is written somewhere as one of a number of fundamental rights, you already know you
have (without looking up), that you may well have forgotten about.
In other words, if you so Self-Determine ... NOBODY;
no man, woman or beast nor any legal fiction, government, state, council, corporation, civil servant, revenue officer, politician, judge or sheriff can have any say in YOUR LIFE or the way you choose to live.
Neither can they tell, instruct, demand or order you to do ANYTHING WHATSOEVER that is NOT your will, wish or chosen thing to do.
If you really get this idea, concept or depth of consciousness, then you really have cracked open a lot of perceived problems. You will no longer answer to, or be agitated by the media spin, the bad news, or widespread fear mongering …
You will stop caring for what Politicians, Economists, Barristers,
Judges, Solicitors say or do. More than likely you will become slightly withdrawn from perceived society, at least for a while.
Have you considered and contemplated the fact that; if you withdrew your support/membership from the State, then you are immediately FREE from ALL STATE Acts, Codes & Statutes etc.
What are the ramifications of this?
;the pros and the cons etc. These are some we came up within in a one or two minutes.


Plus: NO Tax to Pay.

Minus: How would we pay for infrastructure growth and maintenance?

Observation: IMF/EU/One World Bank get ALL of this money anyhow.

Plus: No Household, Water or Septic Charge.

Minus: Not sure how this would be a minus.

Observation: Phil Hogan would be gone finally.

Plus: No Need For Politics.

Minus: Who would Vincent Brown Interview or Berate on his show?

Observation: Politics attracts corrupt People, anyone that wanted 2 continue in their corruption careers, would now have to emigrate.

Plus: We Control, Manage and Benefit. From OUR Natural Resources.

Minus: The Semi-state and State high rollers, that provide us with this value for money system, would not hang around, they would be off to Europe in the morning with the Politicians.

Observation: We could end up with a quality of life that has been denied to us all as a People, since the formation of the State.

Plus: We might begin to Properly educate our People & Children.

Minus: Parents would have to spend more time creating a community centric education system, not just for their Children, also for adults &

for the wider community. Learning how to think critically as a start.

Observation: A needs and community based education is required. Alongside a method of learning to learn, as opposed to rote learning.

Plus: Families/Communities would be responsible for local welfare.

Minus: This might lead to self-regulated communities, and may lead to less and less Garda enforcement and presence etc.

Observation: Social change would be far more effective and rapid, were it down to communities to manage their own welfare and without the interference of a Corporate Money Grabbing State or Council ... IMF/EU or One World Government.

Self-Determination means doin it your way".

The Common Law Society

:peace: :love:
"The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent." ~ Malcolm X
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