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“If you are still fighting the system, you are still caught within it” – David Icke

At the heart of each conflict is two predictable polar opposites – the aggressor and the defense. Pick any conflict in history and you will be amazed that this holds true for each one. Due to the predictability of this pattern, the aggressor knows that there will be an uprising to deal with. With this knowledge, a strategic plan, and some power within society, the aggressor can not only sabotage any uprising but it can also steer the uprising in the certain direction for its own benefit. Think about it? Who has a bigger voice in the political realm? You or a multinational corporation?

With the explosion of the Occupy movements in 2011, we can see a defense starting to build in a huge wave. With a fistful of topics, these people are hoping to get the attention of many around the world – hoping to inspire change. What the problem with the Occupy movement is that its the same old shit. People are protesting thousands of issues everyday around the world and yet the insanity continues on. A good example was the response to the Iraq war – the millions of people that walked the streets – poured into the minds of people all around the world. What was the response to these protests? War and the arrest of some of these protesters.

The truth about protesting in the way of the Occupy groups, and others we have seen throughout history is that its exactly what the aggressor wants you to do. They want you to walk out into the streets. They want you to hold a sign. They want to know who opposes. They want you to identify yourself as a dissenter so the cameras can be pointed in your direction. Yes – its important to advertise that something is wrong in the world but we need to realize the limitations of this method. Look back at the history of protest and see that the traditional way of protesting is simply not effective and helps the aggressor deal with the predictable opposition.

I’m just as angry as you are about the way things are in the world but I ask you this now. Why are you putting yourself under the microscope of the media when it comes to something you don’t agree with? Why are you putting all your energy into complaining about something at a political level when you have much more power at the personal level? I understand the logic of public group protest but please look back into the recent past and realize we need to greatly change the way we protest.

I have thought about this situation a lot – and have pondered about other ways of protesting. What we need to do is change our approach. Get out of the world of protest and enter the world of boycott. Boycott everything you don’t like to see in the world. Put your energy towards being the solution instead of holding a sign while complaining about the problem. For example, if you are protesting the banks – put down your sign and think about ways of eliminating banks in your life. Get rid of your accounts, pay off loans and don’t get anymore, cut up credit cards, and only use cash. I have done this myself in Canada for a while. Yes, its a pain in the ass to go into a bank and cash a cheque from a bank you are not a member of – and yes, they charge you for this service – yes, they look at you suspiciously – yes, they will try and get you to open an account – yes, you will need to store your cash at your house – yes, you will need to make sure you have enough money on your person when you go out. I know its sounds like a hassle but how much are you going to give up in the name of convenience? Take your power back. Boycott all you can. Its where your power is. With this boycott attitude, the media can’t point its finger at you, they can’t arrest you for it and most importantly, you avoid the aggressor/defense pattern that I spoke of at the beginning of this post.

If everyone in the world did this – the aggressor would have a real hard time identifying who opposes and would have a hard time using its resources (i.e. The media) to direct and sabotage the uprising. Yes, you are angry about whats happening in the world, but leave the group-think protest attitude at home and work at the level you have the most power: at a personal level.

Think about it.
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You may find an earlier post of mine introducing Captain Boycott and his Irish Lament.
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