Collective Guilt v Individual Intelligence

Collective Guilt v Individual Intelligence

Postby cassandra » Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:54 am

There are those among us who justify the anger and aggression of certain foreign nationals against British people – popularly known as self-haters – by referring back to how we colonised them or enslaved them. I have several problems with this attitude, and not least because it really, really pisses me off to be blamed for something I didn't do by people it didn't even happen to. I'm stupid enough to believe in fair play, you see.
To be thus blamed in some kind of collective self-assault by the shallow-thinking, superficial-minded and Politically Corrected programmed losers who are blatantly obviously incapable of real thinking is particularly galling. Empty barrels make the most noise, it is said, and the empty barrels enlisted by the Common Purpose-minded Politically Correct Crew are noisy enough almost to out-shout even the grumpiest of us. (That'd be me, by the way)
Three hundred years ago some Europeans took to dealing in slaves in a market dominated for a thousand years by Arabs.
Some north Americans bought them.
Two hundred years ago a great many more Europeans fought hard to outlaw slavery.
One hundred and fifty years ago 500,000 white Americans died removing slavery from their country.
Two hundred years ago the British people, in the person of the Royal Navy (paid for by the British taxpayer) sailed the seas interdicting slave ships.
Royal Marines launched large scale assaults on the slave fortresses of west Africa and suffered many deaths and injuries as a result.
This expensive action, in men's lives and in money, lasted well into the twentieth century.

This Great British investment in men's lives and the wealth of the country in stopping slavery is all but forgotten. The self-haters are programmed for self destruction by those who have concealed the historical truth that the majority of free Britons in those days were as poverty stricken and downtrodden as any slave. How many free people died in the Irish potato famine? How many in the Scottish Highland potato famine died? Where was the wealth of empire they were all living the high life on? Social commentators at the time have written about this. Engravings, woodcuts and, later, photography, attest to this. These were the conditions that led to such writers as Durkheim, Weber and many conscious others to produce their ideas of social reform. The Enlightenment happened. The vast majority of Britons were ignorant of slavery and colonisation, took no part in it and received no benefits from it. They were politically and economically impotent to change or prevent any of it.
Today the Politically Correct Self-Hating ignorant fools, empty barrels every one, have attributed a collective guilt for the actions of a few men centuries ago upon the totality of people in modern day Britain. These few guilty ones are long dead. Those who were enslaved are long dead and those who fought them are long dead as well and were, anyway, far more numerous than the bad guys.
Somehow, we who were not alive then and took no part in slavery or colonisation are guilty now. Somehow, we who gained no benefits are guilty and must reimburse the modern day inhabitants of the ex colonies who, it must be admitted, were not alive then either and suffered no harm. Those who were not alive then, who were not colonised or enslaved, hold a grievance against us and cite the past as justification for their hatred of us.
Well, is this reasonable? If their ancestors were enslaved they would have been born, not in Africa, but in the West Indies or the Americas. Born in Africa? Well then, your personal ancestors were not enslaved, were they? If it is reasonable then we can all hold grievances from the long dead past and demand an accounting. These same people tell us we must forgive and forget that past – unless of course it is our own colonial, slave dealing past, in which case we are all accountable. Others are not, somehow. The Welsh, the Irish and the Scots have a great claim against English invasion and war damages. Britons could demand atonement from Italy for the Roman invasion. And so on and so nonsensically on and on.
Should I feel guilty and be held to account for the actions of men long dead and whose actions never benefited me or even my ancestors who might have been alive at the time? And should I be held accountable by people who did not even suffer and were not even there? The self-hating PC seem to think so, and the non white UK resident gives this as a reason for his anger and his hatred.
Common Purpose has infiltrated the minds of even the politically useless and economically powerless to such an extent that they, too, have learned to act outside of their authority. Every mealy-mouthed non thinker with enough self hate has appointed him or her self as judge, jury and executioner of their deeper thinking guiltless betters and have convicted all of us for crimes that are centuries old and were committed by others.
I am guilt-free in this matter – we all are - and I see no justification for any non whites' hatred or white self hate or some kind of financial reimbursement for long lost somethings or other.
Those who apply collective guilt to us over a centuries old crime are the same ones who deny the collective responsibility of Islam for the murderous terror spread across the globe today. It's only a violent minority, they cry over and over as they rush to the defence of the so-called peaceful Muslim majority.
Well, it was only an even smaller minority of slavers and colonisers, and that centuries ago, but somehow, we modern Brits are collectively responsible and collectively condemned even while collective responsibility is denied to Islam despite the fact that the goal of the peaceful majority is indistinguishable from that of the violent minority and who benefit from that minority's violence - unlike the non slaving, non colonising peaceful majority of Britons who did not benefit from the slave taking minority's activities at the time. I find this rather unfair, particularly in view of the demonstrated fact that the only culture still in existence to hold slaves and call it legal is that very same peaceful majority they love to defend – Islam. Black Lives Matter never mentions the several million black people still held in slavery inside Islam to this very day but they do go on and on about non existent white supremacy and racism.
The collective guilt syndrome is a one size fits all garment tailored by the self haters and they demand we all wear it. It is an imaginary garment, and sometimes I feel like shouting out at them
“The king has no clothes on!” because the naked truth is that none of us here today are guilty and not one non white complainant has a genuine reason to complain to those present about those in the past.
The most oppressed and hated person on this god damned planet is the White male. We are collectively innocent but we are collectively punished. That really, really pisses me off.
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