Swords; Enemies; Love.

Swords; Enemies; Love.

Postby cassandra » Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:11 pm

Live By The Sword – Die By The Sword.
So it's said - but it's silly, innit? Well, when you consider that 90% or so of all casualties in war are non sword-carrying types it just doesn't ring true.
Northern Ireland casualty lists – just as an example - show that soldiers (those who live by the sword) suffered the fewest casualties. Armed Police (also swordsmen of a kind) were next, and the poor old civilian population (oops! no swords) suffered the highest. We find that this is so in every war known to man, and the latest round of global attacks by Islam are directed almost exclusively at the we-don't-carry-swords section of the population. Poor bastards.
These days I let that kind of foolish old chestnut slip past unremarked because I have learned my lessons. Being shallow thinkers (and generally quite pleased with themselves, thank you), the people who say that kind of thing always need your explanations explained and in the explanation of the explanation there will always be something they object to and want to argue about. In the argument about that there will be another something they want to argue over, then another, and before you know it you're 5,000 miles from home, they've forgotten the original issue (and are really happy about that) and you're just a complete cunt. But then, merely by disagreeing in the first place you're already being lined up to be dragged to the wall of an underground room.
Alternatively, there is the even more dire punishment for actually proving your case.

If You Do As Your Enemies Do Then You Become Like Them.
That's another one, eh? Another load of tosh for the great unwashed to believe in and repeat. In my own soldiering days (sigh!) I fought against certain people (no names no pack drill) but I did not become them. No sir. I took on absolutely nothing of theirs and returned home pretty much as I'd left.
So, if that saying were true then I'd have become a nice guy, wouldn't I?

Better To Have Loved And Lost Than Never To Have Loved At All.
What another load of utter piffle! It sounds like you're in some kind of competition. That kind of so-called love is not love and it never can be. It is more accurately and infinitely more honestly described as self love and self interest – and that's what almost all of us have. But, we can't help it so it's not our fault and you really can't blame us because that's the way God made us. So there!
If you repeat that old nonsense to me I get the hell out of there pronto because I am fairly certain that you have not yet stabilised your personality and you remain intellectually undeveloped. I get a bit scared with that. Why do I not explain my take on the nonsense?
Refer yourself to the above mention of walls and underground rooms, please.
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