Siemens Trojan horse?

Siemens Trojan horse?

Postby nihilist » Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:04 pm

i think i've found out why siemens are trying to worm their way into my abode. Check out my other post, posted in the wrong section: /
It seems they fit smart meters that they are trying to have rolled out all over the country by 2020.
They have already fit thousands here as they have in the US too.
I have only spent half an hour looking into this and it seems dodgy to say the least!
Check out this site:

Check out the stuff on there for some shocks about these meters. The US ones are making people ill because they give off high amounts of microwave radiation.
I heard about these smart meters a few years back, and i heard that they would install them under the guise that they would save consumers money because they would do away with itemised bills, when actually they are the first step of the authorities monitoring you in your own home. They would essentially be able to remotely turn your fridge off if they thought you were using it too much, and they would know whether you were watching tv or not, etc.
I'm gonna do some more research into this, as i hope you all will do.
I received another letter from semen stains yesterday. They are coming more frequently now, because they know i am there, but i've not been in touch with them.
Will they eventually threaten me i wonder, even though i've never even agreed to contract with them. They just told me they were working on behalf of scottish power, who "actually" supply me.
Stay vigilant people!
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Re: Siemens Trojan horse?

Postby cooky560 » Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:17 pm

In 2009, it was ruled that there is no obligation (either statutory or lawful) to have a smart meter installed in your home, so if they force you too, change supplier.
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Re: Siemens Trojan horse?

Postby holy vehm » Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:57 am

I have had a letter this week from the national grid regards replacing my current meter with a new one.
They claim the current one is now a 'danger' as it is old. How they would know that 'this' one is a danger i don't know, works fine in my opinion and it seems to satisfy the utility company as they keep sending me bills every quarter.

Anyway, the letter refers to the meter as mine, its my meter that needs replacing and they need access to my home to replace my meter.

They haven't said what it will be replaced with but i suspect it will be a smart meter, im not aware of anyone else around me having their meters replaced so i cant ask them.

I am ringing the national grid in the morning to ask what it is to be replaced with. I am not having a smart meter, i will have a like for like replacement.

I also want to get confirmation that it is my meter and if it is i want it in writing. There is another thread here somewhere that asks who owns the meter in your home. They, like me pay a standing charge, i am paying £120 a year to rent my own equipment and this has gone on for years.

I will post up what national grid have to say.
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Re: Siemens Trojan horse?

Postby pitano1 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:04 am

new none smart meter.
with new contract.

with your terms/conditions
seems to be the order of the day. :yes:

conditional acceptance. :giggle:
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Re: Siemens Trojan horse?

Postby nihilist » Fri May 18, 2012 9:13 pm

I've just read that HMRC are now!

Scroll down to comments section, although the post is a good read too.
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