Recent TDS meter water readings cause for concern!

Re: Recent TDS meter water readings cause for concern!

Postby nihilist » Mon May 16, 2011 10:02 pm

@ farmer,

thanks for the info on the mineral depletion. After further research it does seem that most people propagating what i said, sell carbon filters and so are opposed to RO filters.

With the Bentonite i use 1 heaped tbsp in 350ml of isklar TDS 40 water twice daily. I'm 6ft, and just 3 weeks ago weighed just under 12.5 st.
I was nearly 14st before going onto organic food a year ago, and cutting out dairy and bread. Bread is a biggy to give up, but well worth it.
I swear a big part of getting healthy and losing weight is what you take in and what you can get out of you that's built up over the years.
Now i weigh just under 12st. I've lost nearly 1/2 st in 3 weeks without changing diet or anything, just the clay and organic chlorella.
With the chlorella i took 2 tsp twice daily.
It's just run out and now i'm taking spirulina and wheatgrass as well as the clay still.
Sometimes i only take the clay in the morning.
My labido has improved too.
It's deffo stripped a lot of crap out of my system.
Does anyone else smell a chemical smell coming off their skin when sweated up after brisk walking?
I also smell it after taking a shower and drying.
Since taking the clay it seems to have knocked it back, so i don't smell it as much. Mainly after a few days of heavy chemtrailing.Coincidence?
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Re: Recent TDS meter water readings cause for concern!

Postby wanabfree » Sat Jul 02, 2011 9:54 am

here is a little info for you,i did post up a along winded article, about distillers and R.O. units on TPUC, i'll try to find it for you later and repost it

R.O units are a very good way to get cleaner water,you can get filters for dealing with heavy metal (mercury ) etc, have a look at three stage filter systems.

the water distiller unit i have given the link to is one of the better types around, this unit will filter out everything nasty in the tap water, flouride,mercury are the main to get removed.

this isn't the main post i did before, but a short one on RO systems

found it, have a read through this old thread on the subject,

Here is some more info on RO systems (Reverse Osmosis) you can fit these under your sink these are the smaller RO units, there is also a unit called the Merlin, this is bulkier and may not fit under all sinks, and also they use 3 x DI filters which are more expensive to run than the other systems.

The RO100 TO 300 has 6 different filters some have less but this usually are the DI cartridges,they do refer to these as 3 stage systems

You have 3x pre filters these are the ones you see on the bottom of the unit and are the see through filters 3 in a upright row.

You then have 3x DI filters these are the in the casings that sit longways on top of the unit.

The DI filters will last up to a year to 18 months depending on your use, but you should at least change them yearly,

The pre-filters are what are called a sediment, carbon and a filter that flavors the water with coconut if you have an ALLERGY TO COCANUT be sure to ask for the plain filter, when ordering replacements.

The link below is the cheapest company I have found to buy replacement filters, you can get the 3x pre-filters for a tenner, and the DI filters are about 35 quid each which is pretty good. ... lters.html

This link is a good company to look at RO units

A company I would NOT recommend is called ionic systems, they custom make there own units and design them to so are constantly buying new filters, also there customer service is shite in my opinion.

The RO systems can be run as single units or with a range of different fitting from resin tanks to flush tanks, the flush tank is a white round aluminum tank that back washes the water, there not an essential item but are sometimes part of a full system if purchased as one.

You can also join a resin tank as a final filter to pass though; this basically is a blue tank and is filled with ultra fine sand, which is called resin. You change these out about once a year along with the pre-filters as and when needed.

It’s also important to get a TDS meter and remember to get the 3 digit reading type.

For a home unit fitted under the sink you can fit a separate small tap on your sink, if it’s just going to be used for drinking.

It is best to shop around because there are huge variations in prices on some of this equipment.

I hope this is of help to some of you.
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