electricity bill

electricity bill

Postby holy vehm » Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:42 am

I always pay the utility bills as late as i can get away with. One, british gas, sent me a letter, heres my reply.

They seem to think they have a monopoly on shyte letters, now they know they dont.

Rip off merchants commonly known as british gas.
The person commonly known as PETER METCALF.
The Head of Operations. Also known as the head of a corrupt cartel.

Note: your words in bold, my reply not in bold, simple isn’t it.

Despite writing to you several times, your electricity bill plus additional charges we have added has not been paid.

You forget to add that ‘some’ of the bill has been paid and that the remaining balance remains unpaid. Your letter implies that no money has been paid which is incorrect.

Your additional charges, £14.00 will be paid when I receive payment for my additional charges.
Last month we suffered a power cut, this required me to use candles, the cost of these candles was £14.00.

If this debt remains unpaid we may instruct a debt recovery agent to visit your property and collect payment.

As it is not a debt but an outstanding balance, it should be an outstanding balance recovery agent that should be dispatched.

Should an agent of any description call I will be unable to help said person as I have no contract with them, they are merely a third party. I do not consent to third party interlopers becoming involved in my affairs.

It is not my property but a location I frequent for my own use.

In what manner do they intend to collect payment, I do not make payments to third parties at this address.

As you have been informed that no payment will be made upon request by a third party, any additional charges will not be accepted as you have been notified that no payment will be made therefore a pointless exercise.

If you don’t pay in the next 5 working days we may take action to disconnect your supply and add up to the £116.00 to what you owe. To do this we will apply to a court for a warrant and the following charges may be added to your existing bill (which includes the £50 we mentioned above) to cover our reasonable costs of taking these steps.

Cost of visit £50
Court application for warrant to enter property £41
Execution of said warrant £75
Total £116

If supply is disconnected, reconnection is an additional £116.

As the letter was dated the 17th march 2011 and the date it was received 22nd march 2011 with a 5 day period to avoid action, I now find myself outside of that offer before it was received.

When you apply to the court, be sure to notify me as is the statutory requirement, i dont get out much so a day in court is as good as any day out.

As you consider your costs to be reasonable I will charge you the same amount for failure to settle the outstanding debt of £14.00 for the candles.
I will allow 5 working days from the date on this letter for settlement otherwise I may charge £50.00 per 28 days the debt is outstanding.

You should note that any attempt to switch supplier if you have not paid all you owe will be blocked by us.

Well aren’t you the big bad bullies eh, We will hold you hostage, well what if one connected the house up to a generator, what are you going to do then eh, not a lot, I use you rip off merchants out of convenience and not necessity.

Like many companies, we share information with credit reference agencies. If we do not receive payment, a default may be recorded with credit reference agencies. This can affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.

Oh dear me, well I must pay right this moment, who are you kidding eh, credit and money are illusions, I couldn’t care less for your ratings.

Now, I will settle the outstanding amount within the next 7 working days. I expect the amount of £14.00 to be deducted from the outstanding amount by the time I get the next bill (offer to settle outstanding amount).

Yours without sincerity

There was a time when i would play the game with them and send them a notice of some sort but they dont notice my notices so i dont notice theres until i have to.
Usually i throw them in the bin but this one i just had to respond to.
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Re: electricity bill

Postby holy vehm » Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:03 am

Just had a reply to the above, well a letter came in the post but didnt raise any of the above points.

The new letter or 'notice' informs me that should they execute a warrant of entry, they will change the locks leaving the premises secure and i will have to contact them for the keys.

I have never had that one before, are they going to hold my keys hostage until i pay them? are they going to render us homeless?
I will be charged £116 for this pleasure and until i do, the new locks and keys are not 'legally' mine so i assume they are under no legal obligation to give me the keys without payment.

Now im paying this on wednesday, always was so the above wont happen anyway but it goes to show what lengths they will go to. There are many people who are not just messing with them and genuinly cant pay and this is what awaits them.

Their will be many people who just cant pay the bills anymore, wages cut, benefits cut, they, through no fault of their own find themselves falling on hard times and these companies have the legal right to act as they do.

But like i have said elsewhere, its not the companies but the politicians that set the law, its the politicians we should go after. If they create the opportunities then these comanies will exploit that.
"A ruler who violates the law is illegitimate. He has no right to be obeyed. His commands are mere force and coercion. Rulers who act lawlessly, whose laws are unlawful, are mere criminals".
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Re: electricity bill

Postby 1965freeman » Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:20 pm

Riddle me this......

Presumably the electricity generated and supplied by British gas, or whoever, was generated using some natural resource, oil, coal, nuclear etc.....

The actual man that TOOK the lump of coal/oil/ uranium from the EARTH, cannot provide a receipt for it (from 'God' or 'The Earth'), can he? SO it MUST HAVE BEEN FREE, and no crime was committed when it was taken. Otherwise all subsequent users of that lump of coal would be guilty of the crime of 'handling stolen goods....'

Ahhh, but BG have had to 'invest' 'money' in equipment/infrastructure.......
EVERY SINGLE ITEM ON THIS PLANET, BY DEFINITION, ULTIMATELY CAME FROM ....... THIS PLANET. WHO CLAIMS TO OWN THIS PLANET? Do they have a receipt for 'the planet' from any other party? - So did they 'steal' it, or was it perhaps simply there for the taking.......?

Aaaah, I hear you say, BUT BG have to PAY their workers, so they must be 'entitled' to charge you for this at least.........
There is NO LAW or STATUTE that compels a man/woman to exchange the limited hours they have on this planet for 'money' or anything else. So all those that CHOOSE to demand 'money' for their labour have made a conscious decision to do so.....How, precisely, can YOU be held responsible for the decisions of others????????

GET IT? Who is 'the problem' here? BG for trying to recoup their 'losses' or US for demanding ANYTHING in exchange for our labour/skills?
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