Virgin Late Payment Charges

Re: Virgin Late Payment Charges

Postby no_ta » Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:39 pm

I agree with huntingross, well done, a credit to the freeman society, I don't go much for smilies, but you deserve this one :clap:
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Re: Virgin Late Payment Charges

Postby sosii » Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:37 pm

On a different note...


Need a more experienced eye over this, just to be sure as it's for my dad.

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Re: Virgin Late Payment Charges

Postby Ghost » Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:15 pm

sosii wrote:Been side tracked with family woes (women, can't live with them... can't live with them...)

This was what I thought might be a good opportunity to cure notice. Any input peeps?

Notice of Fault and Opportunity to Cure
Notice to Principal is notice to agent; Notice to agent is notice to principal.

Dear Scott Harrison

Pay close attention Scott, this is a notice, it informs your company.I am not in a good mood with Virgin Media as it is, having already been shorted the sum of £60 (which will be brought up separately, very soon) by your company in regards to referrals that they “have no record of”.

In reference to your comment on my notice which was issued in response to automated letter REF: "11EDD\RNE1_2904\1485" dated the 9th of June 2010 you appear to state that you intend to apply a "late payment charge" of £10 to my next bill.

As to Ofcom, I care not for their ‘opinion’ as to your charges and ‘fairness’, useless bunch I’m afraid, most certainly not interested in looking out for the individuals ‘rights’, I am well aware of how to go about asserting my rights through lawful clam. That organization supposedly regulates your company to the ‘letter of the law’, does that then mean they allow you to ignore the law as stated quite clearly in the bill of rights on unfair charges? I.e. you are not allowed. I do not consent to Virgin Media applying a charge of any kind; any authority or perceived permission your company may have had to do so is hereby revoked, if I had granted it, it would have been as an honest mistake based on the presented facts.

Now, let us get down to the brass tacks as it were. Your reasoning for your companies continued charging seems to be summed up as ‘because they said so!’ in regards to Ofcom, now other than being a little immature it fails utterly to rebut my notice with anything other than hearsay. More relevant however is that why on earth would I trust Ofcom? Have you even bothered to look at who is running it? The term ‘revolving door between industry and regulation’ comes to mind.

A veritable who’s who of corporate and state interest who love to crow about their affiliations, so thanks but no thanks, I’ll trust my own common sense to look out for MY interests and rights. I mean good grief man! Look how many are currently the beneficiary of BT pensions, and all I really need point out is that Ofcom is a quagmire of Telecoms industry interests. Only the most ignorant of consumers would I place any faith in this corporate entity to look after their ‘rights’.

In your previous correspondence with failed to rebut my notice in substance so it stands, and for the record Scott, regarding you comment:
“We have given Ofcom, the regulatory body for Virgin Media, a breakdown of our charges and at the moment
they are happy with the current charge. Therefore we do not have to divulge this business sensitive information.”

Ofcom do not represent me, they have never had or ever will have power of attorney to act in my stead in regards to my rights, do not dismiss my LAWFUL notice out of hand. Should you have any concerns please consult your legal department and please let them know that should you fail to comply with removing the unlawful charge or providing me in substance a proof of Virgin Media’s losses. I hereby put my account into dispute, I will maintain my agreed service charges for services rendered but will withhold payment on ‘charges’ and this is to include your direct debit charge.

Simple solution here, waive the charges, I want my services and you want my continued payments. Virgin Media are well within their right to recoup losses incurred, but to do this you need either my acquiescence or a judicial order based on a legal claim of right and proof of loss. I’d love nothing better than to see your company attempt that one in court; it’d be fun. You call the information on your charges "business sensitive", this means secrecy because you don't want people to realise how little your costs really are, please don't make me take this to the small claims court, I'd be almost embarrassed to do so for something so trivial.

You have a further 7 days to either provide documentary proof in substance that these charges accurately represent the ACTUAL COSTS incurred by Virgin Media in the processing of this account, remove the charges altogether or be subject to legal action.

Wow!! That is excellent.

I stumbled across this forum whilst looking for something to aid me claim back seven months worth of late payment charges from VM.
Lost job and had to reshuffle a few finances - Only noticed recently and sent and followed the complaints procedure.


Would be very grateful if someone could advise if anything has changed in the last few months that would mean I could not use wording of a similar ilk to the letter above??
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Re: Virgin Late Payment Charges

Postby sosii » Fri Dec 03, 2010 7:07 pm

They bottled it, I had the account credited the following billing run.

:grin: (good idea to record all conversations, and tell them at the time, it helps, keeps them edgy)
I declare that I, being a sovereign free man on the land, am a living soul and that I am the only power and authority within my life.
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Re: Virgin Late Payment Charges

Postby CarbonFibre » Sun Apr 10, 2011 7:25 am

Reminds me, I've similar "charges" only verbally disputed with various monkeys - think I'll bother writing to the organ-grinder himself via e-mail.
If that doesn't work, then I may just have to borrow that letter.
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