Veronica's Water Bill

Re: Veronica's Water Bill

Postby free_spirit » Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:14 pm

Hi Veronica

They probably wouldn't be able to find the relevant area on their bodies
with both hands in order to carry out your instruction :clap:

Best wishes

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Re: Veronica's Water Bill

Postby Freeman-B » Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:22 pm

someone wrote (sorry, but it was several pages back and I can't find the name now!)

Some parts of the country have naturally fluorinated water, this being a consequence of the rocks the water interacts
with. The above quote does not mention SE n/land, the area I grew up in. However, I have a vague memory that its
water is fluorinated - (I'll ask my dentist when next I see him). Which would seem to imply it is one of those naturally fluorinated.

In which case asking the water company to remove the fluoride is a bit of a tall order.

There is a MASSIVE difference between fluorination and fluoridation. Fuorine is an essential component of healthy teeth and bones, fluoride is nothing but poison (see my rather old article about it here - Do not be duped, however, that the "fluorine" that "naturally" enters your water is safe - check with your provider EXACTLY what it is and where it comes from.

:peace: :love:
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Re: Veronica's Water Bill

Postby _K_ » Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:30 pm

It is RARE indeed that an individual in this world really impresses me, and my being says 'YES'
Veronica, are you sure you are not a bloke, because you have one BIG FAT HAIRY SET OF BALLS !!!
I've hardly had anything to do with 'the system' over the last 20 years, but now that i have a house for the first time, as soon as i stopped, these demands for money started arriving in 'my' letter box, i considered removing it, as i dont have a hole in my door for which to poke letters, and as a good honest human being, i thought that i suppose id better pay, even though i dont agree with it..i just suppose thats what people with houses HAVE to do..!
Here in wales it rains pretty much all the bloody time, yet im still charged 50 odd quid a month for the privalige of water (and i certainly do not concent to the addition of Flouride), and the council tax want about 78 a month WTF i dont even want bloody street lights, libraries, schools, doctors, (however hospitals have come in handy a couple of times in my life) i hardly make any rubbish whatsoever, in fact im sure the rubbish guys think no-one lives here! i do use the roads, but id be just as happy with a dirt potholed track, and i CERTAINLY do NOT CONSENT to PAYING for the POLICE. In all my travels around this planet i have only EVER witnessed brutality being committed by POLICE, i have nevver evver come across a TERRORIST apart from those in the guise of policy enforcers, government officials and military police, and as we all know the people that do cause trouble are indirectly funded by the very ones who shout 'terrorist', to aid there own sick personal agenda's. Goodness..was that a RANT?? my only concern with all this is that i will get far too involved, loose perspective (nice link V) get angry, and it'll all go terribly wrong.
FAIR FUCKING PLAY FOR STANDING UP TO THESE 'PERSONS' as far as im concerned they can all just rearrange the anagram KCOFUFF and leave me in PEACE :))))
hahaha MF'ers :))

From the Heart
Think i've got SWINE flu -i keep feeling like i want to go around and arrest everybody
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Re: Veronica's Water Bill

Postby Veronica » Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:51 pm

"Yes" to all of that. Actually I'm a transsexual so I'm somewhere between 'a man' and 'a woman'.

I've just done some audios (not yet complete ... but the first 3 are available) ... here (scroll down) ... these are all in and around the same subject(s).

By the way, that Post (the Moorcroft letter) has been edited by me.
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Re: Veronica's Water Bill

Postby Tyber » Sun Sep 20, 2009 1:16 am

Hi V

Thanks for answering.

So point blank is that if I send a letter
demanding a proof of a bill for power(electricity) and water(gas)

They fail to show a true bill I can these services provided ?
Who than pays?
I think them charging me is fraud?

This can be done without a NoR being filed.
I am working on final draft of my NoR

James tyber

I hope that this letter asking for proof does the trick.

The electricity company cut me off, I had to pay the 600.00
for re connect, the next bill has a demand of 350.00 deposit,(Is this not extortion?)
plus the 250 for that months bill, so within one month I pay them
over a 1000, next bill dated sept 7 is 900.00 - 500 I paid, so
another 400.0 bill..
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Re: Veronica's Water Bill

Postby nameless » Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:30 pm

Hello James, sorry to hear about your disconnection problems and the extortionate about of debt notes you had to fork out to your electricity supplier.

What was the situation leading up to disconnection?

Did you attend court?

Was there in fact a court case?

Why didn't you pay your bill in the first place? Or did you AFV it?

UK plc is in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and the utility companies correctly send their remittances for you to accept for value and return. They most certainly do accept these, but choose not to adjust the account. The idea is to force living souls to pay with debt notes (this helps with their pension fund, and the enormous salaries and bonus given to their 'top' personnel. In other words, they steal your money.
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Re: Veronica's Water Bill

Postby BaldBeardyDude » Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:45 pm

I believe it's called "Double Dipping" - they get 'paid' already, as chapter 11 means we all forgive each others debts, then they get you to pay la-la notes on top!
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Re: Veronica's Water Bill

Postby Tyber » Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:40 pm

Hi Veronica

Thanks for your comments.

Dis connection was due to the fact I could not pay the bill.
I have 2 mortgages, one for 393.00 on the 5th and one for 662.00 on the 20th.
I make 2000 a month, 1/2 goes to the mortgage, than I have a 488 car payment, with a
157.00 insurance. The 488 + the 150 take 1/2 of my last pay check, leaving me 500 for food and eletricity and gas(house).

SO I have to pay paul, with peters money, and hope to catch the bills on next payday.

For this reason I got behind in the bills, and they cut off the eletrical, demanding 600 to reconnect, which I paid with fiat cash, next bill has the demand of the 350.

No I have never done a A4V, I know the concept, but no one has said which SIN number to use
the one on the fornt of the sin card, or the supposed one on the back. I lost my sin card. I am going to order a new sin card, but it is 78 bucks plus a birth certificate( 25 bucks to order this b4 I can re order the sin card.

Accepted for Value by Drawee
Return for Value
Exempt from Levy
Sin # 123456789(number on front of card)? What number to use?
Ex # B2359?? ( Birth Certificate Number)
Date ____ Autograph_______
Make payable to Strawman(JAMES GIBBS)

I believe if this is not done right I am liable for fraud.
NO court date, they just cut me off, after a dis connect notice.

I would like to try the A4V for the next bill will be 400 plus what we used for this month so maybe another 700 dollar bill. With the car and insurance and mortgage, It is most difficult.

DO I need to complete a PPSA and a UCC1 to protect my car before I send the letter asking for a true bill to the car company?

Thanks for your time

James tyber
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Re: Veronica's Water Bill

Postby nameless » Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:47 pm

Hello James

I'm not Veronica.

It sounds like you are in Canada, which I hadn't realised. This website is in the UK and it sounds like your system out there is different from here as utility suppliers have to go to court before they can disconnect, and that's if they can. May I suggest you visit thinkfree web page, (link below), which is Canadian based, where you will most likely get more help or suggestions.

You could also fight this via the freeman route, whereby they have no contract with you as a living soul. The contract is with your strawman. Now they have caused you commercial injury, you need to do some research on putting in a commercial injury claim, which is three times the amount they have damaged you with plus your costs.

Something I would advise you now to consider and that is to keep your private details private as much as possible. You never know who's reading these pages. This should include not naming your utility supplier.

If you do a search on Winston Shrout you should find a seminar he did in Kelowna, BC, which is freely available. There is also a seminar he did at Fort Collins in the US. Both are very good and should give you some of the basics.
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Re: Veronica's Water Bill

Postby Tyber » Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:42 am


London/ Canada, almost the same hehe

thanks for that advie, yes I will go to think free
here at FMOTL the the feedback is more active.

I have gain some knowledge from here.

Thanks all

Sorry for posting at the wrong site.

James tyber
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