TV LICENSING–CENSUS–CAPITA–Breach of contract, Leaked Data

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TV LICENSING–CENSUS–CAPITA–Breach of contract, Leaked Data

Postby Mr Nick » Mon May 09, 2011 5:50 pm

Has the Office of National Statistics “The Census” breached their own claim on DATA SECURITY?

After a Census minion arrived at my premises she noted that there were a few door bells, however the house is owned by me and I rent out a couple of rooms.

Today I have received a number of letters addressed to “Legal Owner” from TV Licensing addressed to those same door bells.

I don’t give a damm about TV Licensing or the Census, but I do believe that there is no coincidence that TV Licensing is now chasing considering there is a paid TV Licence to the premises.

The question is – Has CAPITA who is the contracting agents for the CENSUS leaked information to TV LICENSING? And if so have they broken their own laws?

Can anybody add to this, have any of you experienced this?

Is there a way of proving a link between TV Licensing and the Census?

Can we take Legal action against the CENSUS/TV LICENSING or CAPITA for breach of their own contractual offer and breach of data protection?

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Hope this provides some interesting debate.

Regards all, MR NICK
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