The 96 fix

This includes Live Birth Trusts (LBT), and "Accepted for value" (A4V)

The 96 fix

Postby emmanualgoldstein » Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:30 pm

Has anyone found a UK company document with a 96 on it? Ive seen these before I had a clue about any of this stuff and just put it down to "They like putting odd glyphs on their documents to make them look official". But I have seen this 96 mark before and its not like the number "96" but a grapheme like the old english "æ" in contrast to "ae".

I have seen the 96 mark many times, but I dont know where. Has anyone else?
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Re: The 96 fix

Postby BaldBeardyDude » Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:27 pm

The banks have codes which they use - 96 is listed as:

96 Requested method for payment was not used
If the requested method for payment was or could not be
used, this code indicates that.

I have attached the file with all the codes, if any are interested
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Re: The 96 fix

Postby emmanualgoldstein » Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:23 am

96 glyph.JPG

Ive seen a glyph like this on documents, maybe from utilities companies, but maybe Im just projecting from the whole 96 debate. I cant see anything on the stuff I have now, but Ive seen this before. Is this a magic 96? Has anyone else seen this?
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Re: The 96 fix

Postby the trojan » Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:29 pm

try this
rob menard explains about a magic number on documents that.....well go and watch it .
the trojan
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Re: The 96 fix

Postby traderfluff » Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:12 am

Here's the thing....... Since I came across the freeman movement Ive been so confused about the A4V and commercial redemption as most information seems to a bit scattered and not really formatted, and not relating to the UK resident.... I always seen things as people trying to get away with certain things but an inner connection points me to take this path? (nuts hey...).

Anyway having watched the 96 fix I could see again the difference in country's speak again in a commercial garbled tongue.... or so we think!!

the methods are sound but the paper is different, I cancelled my Sky TV Direct Debit (I ain't too bothered about this product its fools safe unlike utilities and Ideal for my first test case) sure enough a bill has arrived or should I say STATEMENT arrived and I got to seek the 96 or remittance signs...... no joy , thinking this is stupid.....


wait the slip at the bottom of the STATEMENT is a returns slip or bank giro credit ( my eureka!! moment ) a bank giro credit for an amount due! BOING^v^v^v
Bank Giro Credit
A system operated by the clearing banks in which a paper slip/document instructs a bank branch to credit a sum of money to a specified account at that branch.
its a bloody cheque or trans cash!! under the amount box is written CHEQUE ACCEPTABLE along next to a CREDIT ACCOUNT NO. top left of the cheque is trans cash by Alliance and Leicester and at the money end the collector is RBS on behalf of SKY...

So basically they want me to either pay promissory or accept this and they are getting my Acceptance as of my test case..... Shall keep you posted :psst:
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Re: The 96 fix

Postby nameless » Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:26 pm

Have just received a utility bill with bank giro credit and compared it with your slip, traderfluff. Where yours says 'CHEQUE ACCEPTABLE', mine says 'Cheque acceptable at a Post Office'. I haven't tried this at a post office, and don't really relish the thought of causing a fuss explaining things at the counter. At the bottom of the slip there is a bank head office collection account, with the number in a box.

It seems that where ever you send the remittance, they steal the value, but don't adjust the account to zero.

We just have to keep hitting them, I suppose, making it harder and harder for them and eventually the ordinary staff will wake up and start questioning themselves.
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Re: The 96 fix

Postby NotMarkk » Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:52 pm

When the guys from spoke to Rob, he says this at 25:20

~"I'm assuming there would something similar to "96 is your fix" the the UK, I would look for it by looking at a remittance first and if it says remittance on it, that's a dead give away. Then look for any two numbers that are on their own, not identified, it would be in what we would call an M.I.R.C. code line... look for some of those. Then do a search for payment association, maybe UK payment association or something along those lines and start looking into their rules, I'm sure they have it."
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Re: The 96 fix

Postby Jim » Wed Jan 13, 2010 7:18 pm

You mean like this?

What are cheques?
Cheques are written orders from account holders instructing their banks to pay specified sums of money to named beneficiaries. They are not legal tender but are legal documents and their use is governed by the Bills of Exchange Act 1882, and the Cheques Acts of 1957 and 1992.

Could this be the place to send our A4V'd utility bills?


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Re: The 96 fix

Postby traderfluff » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:34 pm


Well it gets a bit pointless on the sky account as their is a data error on my account, my surname is spelt wrong!! but it not all pointless as if they cant accept my birth name then they cant receive any payment period! I Still have services

letter from their marketing director reads.

Thank you for contacting sky

As the digital subscription contract was completed in your name and you are the account holder, the payment
of any outstanding balance remains your responsibility. Please send your payment of £54 DR to settle the remaining
balance as soon as possible.

If you need any further help, please contact us on the telephone number shown, giving your account number.

Mark Anderson
Customer Marketing Director

Now seeing I had sent the cheque to their payment department it seems they will pass on the endorsement and not shred it. further encouragement is they recognise the spelling the difference between I will be writing to Mr Anderson and making him either accept payment and correct the error or forget it....... subject to another months trans cash payslip... :yes: I'm in no rush.

I should also let you know I have cancelled utility DD's and have received a Npower bill... ooooooooooh guess what it the same top left bank from alliance and Leicester, same bank GIRO code and same region. Same trans cash formatted slip, only different is the collection bank NatWest collect on behalf of NP, I have requested a statement of account from NP to see how things are logged before that gets dealt with in the same manner spellings omitted.

But it is a bit of a coincidence that both utilities (sky has my phone attached to the package) are basically sent out with the exact same commercial bank, location, same bank code?

oh and both envelopes require a stamp affixed...(remember the postmaster general ?if not search it.... clue the birth of the banknote)

I shall keep you posted
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Re: The 96 fix

Postby traderfluff » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:26 pm

I came across this US A4V method for anyone who needs instruction..... funny enough they use stamps on their slips..

TWO - METHODS TO SETTLE A BILL. (Your choice, more than one way to skin a cat!)
It all starts out from the Private Creditor’s side of the looking glass. (No matter who the Credit Requestor is.)
1. Phone company gives a Credit Request with a list customers attached to the United States Department of the Treasury to draw on as the Drawer of the CREDIT , then they loan it to the Phone company but the Credit is really Drawn against Individual Warehoused accounts (these are our in-Trusted assets), so we are the Drawee.
Now comes the other side of the looking glass. (the Public side)
2. Phone company uses the Credit to operate with and then sends out the Bill to the customers whose Credit they are using. Well the Bill is really to be a Payment for the Usage of our Credit.
3. To Claim the payment for its Value there are Two methods to chose from but everybody talks as though there is only one. You are now the Drawer and the Phone company is the Drawee.(when it is coming out of the public side)

A. A4V/R4V Method: (Bill gets paid only)
FRONT SIDE – at a 45° angle
1. Accept For Value – Exempt from Levy.
2. Deposit to the account of the United States Department of the Treasury.
3. In the name of STRAWMAN BANK SSN# account. (gets deposited into your account)
4. Credited from Phone Company. (their liability is settled for this amount)
5. Sign and Date it blue ink.
6. Title “Authorized Representative” or “Beneficial Owner”
7. Accept For Value – Without Recourse
8. Without Prejudice
9. Sign and Date
10. 2¢ stamp then cancel it.
11. Then send it to the IRS. (you do not get notified when it is settled)

B. The Cash in Your Pocket Method: (Bill gets paid and you get paid the Credited Assets for your understanding )
They won’t like this one but it is one Lawful way to get access to our accounts assets, using their own words.
FRONT SIDE – at a 45° angle
1. Accepted For Value as the Drawer (you are drawing it away from the original borrower)
2. Deposit to the account of the United States Department of the Treasury.
3. The Associated Public Debt owed to STRAWMAN Bank SSN# account is CANCELLED per attached 1099-C. (The United States Department of the Treasury is the Debtor here.)
4. Further Pay to the Order of: Your Commercial Name person - for Full Amount. (as Special Drawing Rights over the Trust account.)
5. This amount of Liability to be cancelled and to Credited as from Phone Company as the Drawee. (they just made the payment back to our side)
6. Sign and Date it blue ink.
7. Title “Beneficial Owner”
BACK SIDE – simple endorsement
1. Sign and Date it blue ink.
2. Title “Beneficial Owner”.
3. 2¢ or 3¢ stamp then cancel it.
4. Then send it Registered Mail, with at least $1 of real stamps.
5. Put the Registered Mail # on your cover letter, the bill and in the account space on the 1099-C.
(You now have them under a Commercial Contract with a 3 day settlement time frame.) You know it is settled when you get the check.
6. Send to:
Customer Service #3, at Bureau of Public Debt
Bank of New York, att. Bond Processing, Dallas Texas
or where the 5396 form is mailed.
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