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Re: USA Filing my UCC-1 on Thursday, ADVICE PLS

PostPosted: Sun May 22, 2011 9:28 am
by mokopuna1
Greetings CR,
:mrgreen:Just stumbled on yr post m8, look I'm in a similar situ myself, only I've only just registered on the PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) to capture my Strawman and I'm not sure now if this is the correct arena or should I be using the UCC-1
Is the UCC for all people or just the USA? or
Is the PPSR for Commonwealth countries?
I've been searching all over with no luck, can someone steer me to a site plz? :peace: :puzz:

Re: USA Filing my UCC-1 on Thursday, ADVICE PLS

PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 4:37 am
by idmolcom
compressionrati0 wrote:Hey all! I've put some background here, but if you just want to see my question, jump down to "THE CRUX"

I've recently checked out Mary Croft's web blog ( and got linked to a site called which has an awesome book that adds onto Mary Croft's (it is 350+ pages) ideas. I completely understand who I am. I am not NAME or even Name, I am a man of God (or the creator who also doesn't have a NAME or Name). We, as stewards of our planet for the universe/creator, ALL have shared ownership of the planet and all things in it (resources/plants/animals which we need to respect).

Even suggesting that all the food/water/un-processed "products" are pre-paid because of our "accounts" isn't entirely correct. It all belongs to all of us all the time. If someone puts personal work and pride into a "product" (such as a hand crafted item), then they can trade it for a service or good that someone else has also worked personally on.

While I'm understanding all these things, I also understand that most men and women in the world do not know what is happening (although many claim to understand the Bible). So, to be able to eat, live, be clothed, and obtain the necessary tools for my creation, I need to operate in commerce.

I'm ready to file my UCC-1 to claim control of the STRAWMAN. Before I do so, I want to be sure I haven't missed anything. I've copyrighted my name by sending the all capitals STRAWMAN along with the Upper-lowercase Strawman, dated through the mail and haven't opened the envelope (as was suggested on another forum). I've created a Security Agreement and Indemnity Bond, numbered them and listed them amongst the collateral in my UCC-1. I've followed the instructions that Russell gives in his YouTube videos for filling out the UCC-1.

My main concern is that I've seen people talking about Power of Attorney, and Accepting for Value the birth certificate... are these needed steps in the UCC-1 filing process? I've also heard some talking about a Lien... is all this necessary for getting control of STRAWMAN?

Hi The Crux

There was no need to do that. Your name is Copyright because you say so.

However adding it to the UCC1 you have officially invoked that copyright.
The main use of copyright is to protect your name and the correspondence
that come to you from undesireables ie: DCA, Bailiffs etc.

Just remember there are several hundreds of thousands of people
with your name, however the use of your name to your abode is
the one copyright protected. Not theirs.

I had done this for a friend of mine and discharged the judgement
from the County Court jesters. They had till 21st August to respond
and we got nothing. The same was done to the solicitors for the
plaintiff and they have not responded either. That is another story.

You can bill them back for use of your name. I am processing a couple
of invoices one to a DCA the other to their Solicitor. for £1m plus
amounts from my fee schedule. So there is a case for just over
£2.5m which will come in useful for my new house I am planning
on buying.

Hope that helps.

Your Pet Rottwieler

Re: USA Filing my UCC-1 on Thursday, ADVICE PLS

PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:51 am
by woodwoods
ucc is just that a rabbit hole! of legal jargon? for the benefit of those in office! most people now agree you are not likely to find any remedy there! a paper chase? as for copywriting your name all you have to do is make it public somewhere! and as for the strawman the legal fiction set up for your benefit as beneficiary to act in commerce it belongs to the state! nothing you can do about that? you however as beneficiary(flesh) do not belong to the fictional world of corporations but may use the name to play the game of contracts acting as ceo i hope! and not in thier presumed role for you as trustee(servants.......employees) THE STATE are supposed to be trustees working for us!.............feel free to dis