Commercial Redemption Rejected as Valueless

This includes Live Birth Trusts (LBT), and "Accepted for value" (A4V)

Commercial Redemption Rejected as Valueless

Postby ScotFree » Sun Sep 20, 2009 5:59 pm

Commercial Redemption Rejected as Valueless
by Gregory Allan

A new "law process" is making the rounds. It is known as Commercial Redemption, hereinafter referred to as "CR." If you read "patriot" literature, surf the Internet, or belong to a militia or jural society, then you very likely have heard about it. I have read its praises, read the manuals, and sat through at least fifteen hours of seminars. Just as the Holy Scriptures admonish us to post warnings near an open-pit, I have written this report to explain why I believe that CR is a fraud and a trap. <<<<<<<<
Anyone who does not agree with my conclusions is welcome to please offer constructive criticism, provided he has the courtesy to first read this report carefully, all the way through.

by Gregory Allan
Dave a Freeman, Scottish Highlands
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Re: Commercial Redemption Rejected as Valueless

Postby Reigne » Tue Sep 22, 2009 7:17 pm

Great job on your article! :yes: Your article stated the thoughts I personally had - and still have - regarding CR.

My MAIN thought is - WHY would a Sovereign fill out ANYTHING that is related to the UCC, statutes, & goverment... Of course, I could be absolutely incorrect in my thinking, but it appears that doing so would create a joinder.

This is WHY I do not have a passport. There are ways for a National (american born in one of the states-not territories or DC) to obtain a National Passport, but even this path has an "approval" process by the Secretary of State (which the requiremnts are ambiguous to say the least).

If this process really does work, I personally have not observed any evidence that proves it to be successful. While I have read the UCC bit about one writing "without prejudice" (I have a link to the whole UCC and am in the middle of creating a pdf of it for quicker reference), my arguement would be the ONLY ones who ought to know this are the ones opperating in commerce... Those rules apply to only those in commerce - international law, not the sovereign. WHY and HOW would a sovereign KNOW this code? WHY would a sovereign fill any govt/corporation form out?

I don't work for McDonalds, therefore, if I enter their building, I do not have to wear their uniform, wear gloves when handling food, etc (heck, I don't even have to wash my hands after using the restroom - ewww!). Their only customer requirement (to enter the building) is one must wear shoes (flip-flops are acceptable) and a shirt (ironic there is no mention about one wearing pants/bottoms!).

However, even though I personally - at this time - do not think the CR is a credible 'vehicle', I will continue to re-search it UNTIL I Know for sure either way.

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Re: Commercial Redemption Rejected as Valueless

Postby bustthematrix » Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:51 pm

Reigne wrote:....the ONLY ones who ought to know this are the ones opperating in commerce... Those rules apply to only those in commerce - international law, not the sovereign.

I think you've missed the point. While YOU and a few (relatively) like-minded others are 'free' you are interacting ALL the time with the majority who are ensconced in commerce and the fabric of the society in which you operate is the same - both here and abroad. You can hardly do anything without 'money' and the devices setup to support it which have all been garnered in commerce! it's simply inescapable unless you want to move to remote Tibet or rural Africa and live a monk's life - which may work for you. :wink:

I think it pays to learn it, if at all possible. If your only tool is a hammer, you tend to see everything as a nail!!!

However, there is a point about the quantity and quality of the so-called commercial redemption packages on the net. There's a lor of misinformation, I suspect, from those looking to make a fast buck. But worse, I also suspect there's now quite a bit of Dis-information in that arena as well!!! :psst:

It is very much in the interest of the PTBs not to let anyone take advantage of THEIR commerce system which was, after all, designed to enslave the living souls and that is where ALL the value is to be had.

From my own readings on CR, I think there's some merit to it when it is correctly understood and applied, not misused and abused by these folk I keep reading about who want to hang it all up and retire in 6 months once they access their bond etc and laze around for life! Please!!!

It's certainly not beyond the PTBs to invest in disinforming the masses as to it's viability. The more ignorant we are as to our options, the better for them!!!
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