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Getting out of the system for good?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:57 pm
by BaldBeardyDude
Ok, this is a project from Wayland and myself, looking into a way of freeing our PERSON and our human selves from the system completely. It will be a locked thread, as I'd like to keep it to our thoughts, research, findings and doings - I will start a discussion thread also


so all may contribute - let's face it, we WILL need the help, guys! Please jump in.... :clap: :grin:

So, in essence here is the thinking behind it. It comes from none of our own work, but is the hybrid of ideas from several of FMOTL members, who are named in the various parts to this. :yes: Thanks guys - we couldn't try this without your efforts :clap: :yes: :cheer: :shake: :hug:

We'll get the preamble done, so you get the overall thing and then we'll work on the details as the thread unfolds.....Baldy will be actually doing this as we go, filling in the forms, creating the trusts, etc. We'll hope to perfect a method, should we find one, so that we can get it into template form and rolled out as soon as we know. Should it not work, then only Baldy is in the cack :giggle: and he's big and ugly enough to take it. So... :mrgreen:

First Principles

1. We are sure the Birth Certificate and registration process creates a PERSON and a trust - a Foreign Situs Trust in the name of the PERSON. This trust is unknown to our parents and obviously, ourselves, at the time and thereafter. (Shrout, Maxwell, et al)

2. We believe this trust is administered on our behalf by the government, to it's own advantage, rather than to ours. We believe this administration right is granted when we join the National Insurance scheme. This creates another trust - a Cestui Qui Trust (or it is only one the Cestui Qui, made at birth registration, but we will work on the two for now) (Shrout, Consumerpada and FMOTLKA Michael)

3. We believe that if we we can regain control of these trusts, then form a family trust, we can then renounce citizenship to become subjects of a different state and/or British Protected Persons. (Consumerpadas wonderful work on trusts and family trusts and protected persons)

The outline so far is to UCC1 & Financing statement, listing assets and BC - UNLIMITED) then becoming the major creditor of the PERSON for an unlimited amount (to prevent any higher liens/demands on the PERSON) either by the UCC1, or a seperate affidavit of obligation/lien on the PERSON. (Huntingross, CP and FMOTLKA Michael)

A family trust will then be created, listing all property as belonging to the trust, for the enjoyment of members (or words to that effect) and thus, the PERSON and we, the human own nothing at all - all property and money is and of the trust.

We then hope that, by renouncing citizenship, we will come under the designation of British Protected Persons (I hate that word, but...) and enjoy the certain freedom that entails/bestows.

Now, this is a rough outline, after we came up with this last night at 11pm, so it will need tweaking as we go.



Ok, we'll keep this thread locked - mods please observe - and only the two of us will post, but everyone will be on the thread

Re: Getting out of the system for good?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:28 pm
by BaldBeardyDude
In essence:

The grand idea is to aquire an unimpeachable lien on our PERSON, one so huge, none other could come close, so we file it as unlimited. After this, we (the human) become first creditor and first in line for payments, meaning DCA's and the like, but not HMGov as we know, come after us in line of creditors. Some small protection.

Then we take control of our trust(s) (if we can) and add them to the lien. After this, we create a family trust, giving to it our entire worldy posessions (can we donate a house, for example, or does it have to have charitable status, etc), monies, houses, cars, clothes, soap and jam - everything.

We administer this trust, on behalf of the beneficiaries - our family. So, should bailiffs come to said trust property and try to remove goods for the debt of any PERSON living there, they can't, as the goods are not the persons goods, but those of the trust, held in trust for the benefit of the family. I'm not sure if this would hold up, but sounds right.

How can this property be taken? - as administrator we could show harm caused to the trust and it's beneficiaries by the bailiff. The police, should they help, would be complicit in this crime and be jointly and severally liable (?). The crime is theft - of trust property by a bailiff, for a debt which is not the trusts debt, but yet the trust property is taken. Convoluted but sounds right to me, dude.

After this trust is created and functioning, we can renounce citizenship and become protected persons (?) (I'm still getting into this, so...meh...) meaning (I think) WE are responsible for criminal justice of ourselves (?) Yeah, sounds mad, but it's a start, the goal may change in nature as we dig.

Obviously, we may get so far and find it's a no go, but at least it will show something useful fo rothers to work on. So be it, let's go!

Ok, break it into stages and see what we need to know and do.

Stage 1 UCC1 , Financing statement, Lien and EIN

Stage 2 Gain control of existing PERSONS trust(s)

Stage 3 Create family trust, or other trust depending on research. Transfer all goods, chattels to trust.

Stage 4 Renounce citizenship and get prosecuted for a statutory offence. That's when we (I to be more precise) test this stuff - if it goes that far and I hope it will, seriously.

V, Huntingross, Fmotlka Michael, Consumerpada, Spudy and everyone not mentioned...

please post links and any ideas on the discussion thread or pm us with them.

We WILL move much faster by not doubling up on your work, so if you have something you think may fit or help, please share it.

Well, m8 - I'm excited to be doing something for a change, eh? :mrgreen: :sun: :yes:

Re: Getting out of the system for good?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:47 pm
by BaldBeardyDude
Latest thinking on the STRAWMAN and trusts.

If the state setup a trust for me at birth registration, it is in my NAME. my NAME would, presumably be the TRUSTEE, one who is responsible for the trust and it's administration. Could it be a simple thing like this, to create joinder at all points of life?

Birth > REGISTRATION > trust for NAME created, NAME as TRUSTEE > Forever buggered? - In which case, I need to find the deed creating the trust. Maybe it is the BC, which is a document of title and a negotiable instrument.

The trust must be under administration by the state until such time as I either know that I can, or learn I can, reclaim it (and how many do?).

My STATE-created birth certificate with an all-caps name became a document evidencing debt the moment it was issued. Once the Federal Government of Canada registered my birth certificate with the Department of Industry Trade and Commerce, that Department notified the Treasury Department, which took out a loan from the private Bank of Canada. The Treasury used the loan to purchase a bond from the Department of Industry Trade and Commerce which investsed the sale proceeds in the stock or bond market. The Treasury Department then issued Treasury securities in the form Treasury Bonds, Notes, and Bills using the bonds as surety for the new "securities." This cycle is based on the future tax revenues of the legal person KENNEDY, THOMAS JOSEPH, whose name appears on the birth certificate. This also means that the bankrupt, corporate Canada guaranteed to the purchasers of their securities my lifetime labour and tax revenues with my birth certificate as collateral for payment. This device was craftily initiated simply by converting the lawful, true name of Thomas-Jospeh: Kennedy as a newborn into a legal, juristic name of a person, KENNEDY, THOMAS JOSEPH.

This comes from here - - worth a read, definately.

Now - Is this correct, valid? If so, is it the same system here - our BC is used by the DTI, informing the treasury, which uses it to act as security for a loan from the BoE? I know Government issue bonds, but I don't know more than that, so I will have to have a gander. I know why they call it treasury now. What a fabulous treasure all the sleeple must for nothing and they pay the bill........