The price of redemption...

This includes Live Birth Trusts (LBT), and "Accepted for value" (A4V)

Re: The price of redemption...

Postby BaldBeardyDude » Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:44 am

IF A4V worked, why would these people need 'to cover costs'? - there would be none. They would get a bill for the hall/venue, then A4V it, surely? Travel expenses, meals, etc could all be arranged with regard to this method of offsetting debts, so why indeed would they feel the need to charge such exorbitent sums?

I think the answer is pretty obvious. I trust these guys as much as I trust any other whose actions and words do not agree - I call them liars, frauds and charlatans.

Again, this may upset or inflame Winston fans. Well, so be it - the time has come for a definitive answer, surely? (hand at ear, anticipating the noise of wind and seeing tumbleweed)
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby Highspirit » Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:17 pm

I agree Pete, why are they stealing this money from people if they are the so called 'experts'? More bloody cash stealing 'Gurus' who you have just got to steer clear of. Yes there is a need for education in a formal surrounding which can be delivered by those in the know about the many aspects of commercial redemption that works, but £4000+ a day for no more than 8 good people? Makes my blood boil when parasites like this start taking advantage of people who just want to break away from the Tyranny that has enslaved us all. Grrrrrrrrr :grr: :grr:
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby consumerpada » Sat Aug 22, 2009 3:11 pm

Highspirit wrote:Grrrrrrrrr :grr: :grr:

Seconded: Grrrrrrrrr :grr: :grr:
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby huntingross » Sat Aug 22, 2009 4:31 pm

Is this a Grrrr contest....?....I'm not sure a second Grrrr is the same as a first Grrrr

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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby AzziDePazzi » Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:53 pm

Wow.. this little subject really took off..

Firstly, it was a nice gesture for them to give a reduced cost to SwahGypsy, even if it wasn't much. Maybe if I regarded the cost of the course as an offer, I could make a conditional acceptance and counter-offer and see how he treats that? Could I ask him for a true bill, I wonder? :)

Secondly, yes, he apparently should have no need to collect all these debt-notes but he is offering his labour, and these debt notes represent the labour of the people the way I see it. Perhaps we're forgetting that Money of Exchange is still pretty useful in the real world?

I was a bit bitter when I made this thread initially and still am, as I really wanted to go but can't. This obviously means I have put value into his proposal, but his value didn't meet mine.

As a side-note, the Creditors in Commerce guys seem to have a fair take. They provide a lot of info for free and allow open discussion between paying and non-paying members. You can pay a little for small conveniences (like a mpg instead of a free mp3), a little more for the dvd's etc.. and lot for the liberties (1-to-1 coaching for people that have shot themselves in the foot, or, just want to get up-to-speed in their own way). Open discussion for all, and paid service for the hardcore seems fair. With Solutions in Commerce, we find that you pay or go away, which isn't very kind on the enslaved.

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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby Farmer » Thu Sep 10, 2009 6:32 pm

After having seen the Winston Shrout videos, I believe it is not possible to implement his solutions in the UK. The problem here is that there is no written constitution limiting government. In the US all legal codes also have remedy written into them; this is not the case in the UK. Someone that is far more interesting is Dr. Sam Kennedy. However, his solutions all rely on the constitution, so work when implemented correctly; but they cannot be used in the UK as they are in the US. When you watch the Shrout videos, it is clear that he is showing the US solution and the audience tell him about the Canadian implementation of a similar remedy. My feeling is that we are going to have to find our own remedies and attending this seminar can only generate ideas, not give solutions.
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby traderfluff » Thu Oct 01, 2009 6:18 pm

I've been on the trail of the Commercial Redemption, and watching the Winston Shrout stuff..........

But its all well watching the vids but without the template cd you can hardly make out the structure of the bond TEMPLATES from the drop down screen to help.....

Anyway I stumbled on this site who have some of the TEMPLATES Winston used and are up for you to download and assess..

One other aspect is to read that going through the process landed some in deep trouble and served time..... all laid bare

1. Why would Winston do this?
2. Why charge money if his bond is worth so much?
3. Is this a verified valuation of methods of debt based economy?
4. Does this work?

My answers would be: He has had enough just like us but he has seen the pain of his execution, no illegal practice would be allowed in the UK and he's here! why not charge for his labour in cash value and not off setting debt. We all know the money system is fraudulent which brings us to the last does this work? Well all things are hearsay until you experience them for yourself..

p.s If some already know this site or I'm going over old ground Sorry but hey its still info.......
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