The price of redemption...

This includes Live Birth Trusts (LBT), and "Accepted for value" (A4V)

Re: The price of redemption...

Postby city boy 5705 » Sat Jul 25, 2009 6:36 pm

fredqwerty wrote:The reason why people are unclear about the detail of many of Shrout's ideas, even after re-watching his videos, is because he is deliberately vague.
It is NOT POSSIBLE to explain this stuff so badly, by accident. It takes practice.
He has had a few years to hone his communication skills yet would still fail any teacher's training assessment.
I'm no genius but, apparently, I can explain all the freeman/legal/lawful stuff that I know, far better than him & I've only had 3 people to practice on!
I see the same trait with Vic Beck - someone else who needs a damn good good slap.

i think he is deliberately vague for 4 reasons in addition to the one you suggest

I) Self-preservation - it keeps the wagon rollin' and the debt notes coming in (i dont have a problem with this , after all he comes form a commercial solutions point of view)
2) He wants people to take his thoughts and let them expand out in their own minds ( of course he cant be expected to know everyone's situation/raison d'etre
3) ego in some way, he 15 Mins of fame ( again i dont have an issue here, i wish i knew what he does)
4) keeping out of the "State" 's crosshairs , if you catch my drift

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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby consumerpada » Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:58 am there's the other thread on here.

Personally, I think its the same as anything else, there's no authority on the idea 'per se' it's us, it's easy enough to get some good definitions of bond. its no suprise that it is a mis-understood area.

So let's in theory create our bond, some how.... --

If 10 of us chipped in £1000, we could buy our own seal and make a £10,000 bond. (I think we agree on that)

If its a cashable bond then it limits in theory how many times we could issue it up to a limit of £10,000.

But if it is a security bond ( bit like share issue), then it can be issued over and over ( multiplied) many times according to risk factors.

The stock market is in the shit it is in partly because they started mutiplying and reselling bonds and stocks/shares over and over and over, fake value, also they started issuing and selling shares that don't exists. I.e register shares multiple times, the original owners unaware as they will never cash the bond/share/stock. That's part of the risk, whats the likely hood of it being cashed.

Back to our bond. If we back it with bank money we are in essence using the banks promise and not our own.

I.e, it's a bit like if 10 of us make a morgtage application, and it had ten autographs, (promises) we can see that once the bank 'accepts' they will monetise the 'promise'

The bank will never admit (in the open) that it can cash our bonds. That much is clear.

So we need

a. A method to allow the bank to 'see' that it can honour our bond.

example: I remember these guys, they found an old empty mansion, it had about 10-15 bedrooms. They created a co-operative and made a mortgage application on the property. They were all students or in receipt of 'benefits'

At least 10 of them could gurantee the local council would pay £500 a month 'rent allowance' that £5000 a month guranteed. With that they secured a £200,000 ish mortgage. Enough to put an offer in on the old place.

Point being they used the government as a surety to present gurantee for the bank on their promise. The wrong part of course is they ended up having the pay the 'debt' because they 'cashed' their promise on the house.

Point being they created a way that the bank could 'see'

Point being group intent has 'monetary' value.

? if say then, 10 of us make a morgtage application, (create a bond) BUT leave the money in the bank, we could establish lesser bonds backed by the main one, in theory. We would also have to know that actually cashing the (lesser bonds, notes) was not the idea, this is where it gets fuzzy, kinda, just remember that the banks never cashes its notes.

I.e. Rather than cash the our note we would honour it with our own money ( i'e cash point cash), maintaining the integrity of our own orginal promise.

:puzz: ......or something..
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby SwahGypsy » Sun Aug 09, 2009 9:21 pm

Well I did try to get a reduction and they did offer the following I would have posted earlier but only recently joined this site

>> Hello,
>> I would be very interested in attending the above workshop in London.
>> I would like to know if there are any concessions available as I am currently on state benefits after being made redundant earlier this year.
>> The cost is extremely prohibitive representing over seven weeks benefit.
>> I live in London and have a bicycle so I would not require a Hotel room. Unfortunately the restrictions imposed on my claiming benefit prohibit me from offering to help out (work paid or unpaid) in order to offset any reduction in attendance fees.
>> Kind regards
>> xxxxxxxxx

Dear xxxx,

We understand your position, but as I am sure you understand - the cost of putting on this type of event is very high. We will be lucky to break even.

We recommend that you study the following DVD's available from,
you can purchase then as you can - but they are the firm foundation one needs before anything else.

1. Kelowna
2. Accepted for Value Trilogy
3. Strawman trilogy.

Good luck xxxx, I am sure we will meet again in the future.

Kind regards


Then I got this after a telephone call


Dear xxxx

Thanks for your interest. As you know, there are a limited number of places for the Winston Shrout Seminar, and tickets are selling fast. I have spoken to the UK tutors, and they are prepared to release a ticket to you for the sum of £400 - providing that you are able to pay by the end of next week i.e. we will hold a ticket for you at that price until then. We will need to see a scan of the front page of your benefit book.

I hope that is of some use to you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Workshop Organiser

> Dear Naime,
> Thank you for your kind offer and reduction of fees unfortunately £400 is beyond my means
> I guess that the economic divide or abyss depending on which side you are on has widened considerably. I wish you every success in your endeavor and thank you for your gesture.
> Kind regards
> xxxxxx

Well you have to ask :giggle:
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby huntingross » Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:05 am

city boy 5705 wrote:do you have a link to burke's info/knowledge ? thanks

Sorry cityboy, hadn't seen your post until now.

On this one, jump to about 1hour 20mins

On this one, jump to about 1hour 23mins

They can be found here
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby huntingross » Mon Aug 10, 2009 10:11 am

Thanks CP, this is starting to make some sense, there is another post around the forum somewhere (I'll need to find it and bring it here) where we start a company and these two posts make sense in my mind.....

Infact here it is

Re: Freeman Car Insurance
by matnukem » Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:53 pm

hi all i will say sorry now for my spelling i have posted some thing about why dont we set up a insurance bond but i have not read all of what you lot have so far talked about i know this is sort of what we are trying to get away from but fisrt set up a free man of the land insureance company with company house then go get publice liyabilaty insureance to back your bussnes then we charge each other £50 to £100 to cover the companys publice liabilaty insurance and admin. any p.l.i you go to must cover you as a bussnes or at least tell you were to go get it for your bussnes to cover you in case you make a clam? i dont know if this has been said all ready or not i am just speaking my mind at the moment.matnukem

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Private message
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby consumerpada » Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:43 pm

mmm.,.. insurance is a good example because it is 'easier' to\calculate the risk involved, I have only just started to unluck the maze known as financial markets...

One thing as an aside, i watched a lecture the other night by some blokey, given in the houses of parliament, subject was Hedge funds...

In the early 90's there was approx 600 hedge funds world wide, by 2000 that figure had risen to 10,000 +

What is a hedge fund?

A hedge fund is a fund that can take both long and short positions, use arbitrage, buy and sell undervalued securities, trade options or bonds, and invest in almost any opportunity in any market where it foresees impressive gains at reduced risk. Hedge fund strategies vary enormously -- many hedge against downturns in the markets -- especially important today with volatility and anticipation of corrections in overheated stock markets. The primary aim of most hedge funds is to reduce volatility and risk while attempting to preserve capital and deliver positive returns under all market conditions.

These are backed by mortgage securuties and such ---- THIS IS WHERE ALL OF OUR PROMISSORY NOTES HAVE GONE.

This lecture made it very clear that the financial market are dinosaurs (his words) that should be extinct by now, but because of govt injections they are being kept 'alive' - TRUST ME.... THE WHOLE HOUSE OF LORDS KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT GOING ON!

Its to simple for words --- Our new familly motto is We don't pay

POINT 1 - Fear not, they can not produce the documentation we are asking's long gone. Just dont be a push over, they will never admit it, learn how to defend your self AND how to attack lawfully, have no mercy once you see them falter ( and you will see) then go for the jugular 3x amount claimed.(counter claim)

POINT 2 - There needs to be, and there are sprouting, a new kinds of financial 'animals' born i.e common law family trust, community banks, common law co-operative building societies and things like that...

We are witnessing an evolutionary shift, so hold on to your hats, lets keep getting our act together and form our own types of financial 'animals' that are true and fair according to common law.

Imagine being one of those little mammals 150 million years ago when dinosaurs were doomed, all they had to do is keep out of the big brutes' way and bide their time....

what you saying ? Can I get a witness. Can I get a witness.

The great thing is more and more people are getting the point...figures on the news today."..'unemployment' is up but the govt bods cant understand why claims for benefit are down".....hellloooo more and more people are realising that they just do not need the govt in thier lives becase once you let the buggers in its a right pain to get them out again..leeches that they are...

Praise the day I started to research the strawman and ancient common law.

:in love: :hug: :in love:
Knowledge makes a (wo)man unfit to be a slave." — Frederick Douglass
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby BaldBeardyDude » Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:45 am

My tuppence worth:

If money is an illusion and Winston KNOWS it - why is he charging so many debt notes? Has he a nest to feather?

I realise this may upset some long-standing Winston fans, but..........come one,peeps, he charges for info!! WHY would he IF HE HAD PERFECTED THE A4V PROCESS?

Answer - He hasn't - save your money and research here to get the same result for NOWT :clap: :clap:

FECKIN LOVE IT HERE :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks V for the site, darling. :in love:
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby Highspirit » Thu Aug 13, 2009 2:32 pm

Haha yep I agree. Winston does deliver some good stuff but I would never pay for it unless it could definately, 100%, be A4V'd.

By the way, the SIC guys in the UK are charging £4000+ expenses PER DAY, to teach commercial redemption to up to only 8 people. More people and guess what?

Nah I don't have to tell you.

Feckin rip offski

My time and money is much better spent right here.
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby Hope » Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:59 pm

Are the guru's teaching this in the UK really delivering the goods? Have they done the process themselves?
If they had - why would they need to charge people in dire straits so much money?

There appears to be a lot of money to be had ,off of the backs of people
- I wonder is there any real back up and what is really being offered
for the large sums of money changing hands?

Bonds are also debts, many America gurus are not convinced this is the way to go,
Winston suggests putting unlimited bonds into treasury - which could equate to unlimited debts ?
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Re: The price of redemption...

Postby Highspirit » Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:32 am

My point exactly Hope. I doubt very much that they are able to deliver that much at all. And for the money they are charging people they should be ashamed of themselves.

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