What happened to the Lawful Bank?

What happened to the Lawful Bank?

Postby steelyglint » Fri Nov 01, 2013 12:56 am

I hit my usual link to go see if there was anything new.

Page not available.

So I put 'Lawful Bank' into Google and found I had to register all over again. When I finally got past the stupidity of that process I found something that looks suspiciously like 'Faceslap'.

I'm also a bit annoyed because the registration process asked me for my 'Full Name' - which it now uses as my ID for everything. I would normally have chosen something like the ID I use here if I'd known it was going to do that.

Plus there seemed to be an option to upload an 'image'. It isn't an option. No image, no registration.

What the hell has happened to it? Has it been co-opted by the 'enemy'? Certainly feels like it. Looks like it, too - just a huge raft of pointless posts full of inane crap. Just like Faceslap.

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