Labour-coin, a new perspective

Labour-coin, a new perspective

Postby enegiss » Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:44 am

On the third and also the ninth of April there will be talks held at the New Horizons St Annes.
On the 3rd will be an evening talk, and the ninth will be an all day event, hopefully we will be providing food at no cost
Anyways, i will try and improve this post as i go, so there will be editing :)

"A global solution to the usury systems that enslave all will be presented. A new concept of anarchic computer software, once coded open source, will present a usury free choice for the first time.

A true medium of exchange functioning through 'advance', on a zero balance, pair key encrypted polycentrically through multiple independent nodal operating systems, peer to peer and bond agreed.

A model without contracts, usury, fees, interest, constructed legal fictions or external access to any account information, no hierarchical structure to take over.

Labour coin is the core structure from which an infinite number of platforms can be supported, attached to the hub by the user as required. Allowing the creation of platforms providing free internet; free mobile phone use; free file transfer; tax free trading; self hosting websites, free of spam, advertising, hosting, or domain costs; an alternative to the constructed legal fictions, as an arbitration hub of inherent power, founded on the innate duty of care within a bond; a bond platform allowing medical (escaping the allopathic model), assurance (escaping the insurance model), cooperative (escaping the employer/employee model), collective (escaping the middleman model) bonds.

Open source Technological hubs freeing suppressed technologies can be created to nourish substantive bonded cooperatives, free of profit and employers. No longer a need to beg for a job."

here are some of the subjects that will be covered, there are reasons why it seems so broad in subject matter, which will become apparent over the days mentioned.
it would be nice to see some members at the event.

Sadly after, its claimed, 4,500,000,000 years or so, the Earth is going to end, or at least mankind after a claimed 1,000,000 years of evolved existence, we have a selection of fear porns to achieve this:
Asteroid – Super volcano – Genetically Modified Poisoning Food
Planet X / Nibiru – Particle Accelerator Mishap
Global Warming – Rising Sea Levels - Carbon Dioxide Pollution
New Ice Age – Pole Shift – Nanotechnology Disaster
Black-hole – Super Nova – Dark Matter/Anti Matter Collision
World War 3/Nuclear War – Mass Insanity – Divine Intervention
Sun Switches Off – Sun Ejecting Massive Electromagnetic Pulse
Alien Attack – Over Population – Gamma Ray Burst Hitting Earth
Virus/Fungal Pandemic – Engineered Disease
Earth Will Run Out of Resources and Become Uninhabitable
Prophecy: At Least 242 Dates for the End of the World Recorded
Radioactive Contamination - Artificial Intelligence Exterminating Life
obviously all false.

this was the last time at new horizons, we promise this one is going to pop your heads.
if you wish to create a favourable History, then you have to start now.
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Re: Labour-coin, a new perspective

Postby iamani » Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:24 am

Hi enegiss,

Wow! Sounds great. Something everybody can get behind and push for.

For myself i can think of only 2 reservations off top of my head. This is a financial re-set model, yes? If it is promoting the end of physical currency we are possibly playing into the hands of our current controllers, who we know are pushing for digital-only currency. 'Money' under our control (ie in our pocket) is pretty much the last vestige of both freedom and anonymity.

Also, if the model calls for ending religion that's another red-flag for me. Ending religion is an attempt at removing (and thus evading) the Law of the Land.

Other than that, count me in!

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