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Unconscionability is determined by examining the circumstances of the parties when the contract was made, such as their bargaining power, age, and mental capacity. Other issues might include lack of choice, superior knowledge, and other obligations or circumstances surrounding the bargaining process. Unconscionable conduct is also found in acts of fraud and deceit, where the deliberate misrepresentation of fact deprives someone of a valuable possession. When a party takes unconscionable advantage of another, the action may be treated as criminal fraud or the civil action of deceit.

Apply that to the Crown (who are probably exempt from such trivial details. I know I would be if I got billions of income and wrote the rules myself)

This bit is good....
English case law
"Inequality of bargaining power" is a term used in English law to express essentially the same idea as unconscionability, which can in turn be further broken down into cases on duress, undue influence and exploitation of weakness. In these cases, where someone's consent to a bargain was only procured through duress, out of undue influence or under severe external pressure that another person exploited, courts have felt it was unconscionable to enforce agreements.

Registered a home, external pressure...it's peeing down, registered a car...threat of confiscation....a child....threat of fine (£2 apparently?).....passport, theres a man with a gun at the airport......etc

A ruling in our favour would mean everyone could claim the same, results of cases are available for view, their whole con game would fall apart, there's next to no chance of a win!
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