Prajna and Kali Evicted, Car Stolen & Threat to Take Caravan

Re: Prajna and Kali Evicted, Car Stolen & Threat to Take Caravan

Postby bustachemtrails » Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:37 am

Thank you for the analogy Lance which makes a lot of sense of course. I am not as well versed as you with regard to the legal realm as I do not stand under legalese, and therefore will not use it in any way whatsoever as it would be contrary to my understanding.

I see lawful rebellion as a very simple and unassailable remedy. I think we must keep things as simple as possible or we can easily get cought up in all the 'double think' that leads us away from the simplicity of the process. I have found that by rejecting the alleged authority of the CPS and their so called courts, and by simply demanding de jure courts for any matter to be heard, cannot be lawfully rebutted and so the individual attempting this unlawful coercion soon cease and desist in persuing that demand. They do not want to provide us evidence of their treason however....

Being ignored is not providing me remedy as the claimant, even though it is unlawful to deny or delay me my right to justice under the constitution, so I cannot state that it is a remedy that will bring the desired change we desperately require whilst it is not done en masse. I have found that others who have taken up lawful rebellion, and who have used it in the same way that I have, are also not being arrested even though warrants have been issued in their absence at the hearings.

I feel very strongly that we could cut a long journey much shorter if we all denied their summonses and do not consent to their unlawful, treasonous hearings to demand justice. They are acting blatantly against the rule of law which we have seen many times of late. Why not simply demand courts of law and nothing else? It is to my understanding if we did so en masse, their places of corporate business would soon stop trading for profit and proper courts of law would be forced back into existance.

By accepting their so called courts we are giving credulity to them and, by using their rules against them we are giving their rules credulity also. It is unconstitutional and NOT lawful rebellion in my view. If or when I can achieve a proper hearing with an uncorrupted jury to hear the facts, treason WILL be proven to be being committed. I am now considering Queens Bench as a possible way forward.

I do accept that by trial and error we are making inroads and waking up a few of those ignorant folk aiding and abetting this subversion of our constitution and common law in the process. My main concern is that as we progress in this area, so do the 'fascists that be' progress in their propaganda campaigns and blatant corruption against us. If we get close to bringing the whole house of cards down you can be sure they will use yet another false flag to cover their tracks and bring in more draconian rules to prevent it. They are happy to act blatantly corruptly in these times as they want civil unrest, I think to bring in marshal law and start filling the detention camps they are readying.

The one thing I am certain of is that we will not defeat treason from within if we don't support each other in our endeavours. I maybe shortsighted in the strategy that I employ but I have yet to hear of another that is working. Namaste.
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