RFC on Gartbeth Constitution

RFC on Gartbeth Constitution

Postby Freeman Stephen » Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:35 pm

The Illustrative Constitution of Gartbeth

Whereas, the democratic institutions of the United Kingdom have become corrupted to such an extent that the will of the people finds itself ignored and dismissed in the face of serious breaches to the inalienable rights of the British people.

Whereas, the government of the United Kingdom has become hostile to the rights they were given authority to protect. Namely that they have:
Signed away the sovereignty of parliament to a foreign power.
Engaged in propaganda against their own people.
Enacted legislation which runs contrary to the principals of justice and lawfulness.
Enacted and enforced unlawful legislation which the will of the people is in clear opposition to.
Denied the people their right to fair and public hearings before their peers.
Instituted a surveillance program against all the people without grounds for suspicion of crime.
Denied freedom of assembly outside the parliament building, and elsewhere nationwide.
Brought duress upon mothers and fathers refusing to relinquish their own children to the state.
Taken the justly acquired property of people systematically and without consent.
Engaged in offensive wars abroad contrary to the peaceful nature of the British people.
Engaged in torture of their enemies contrary to the principals of winning war.
Engaged in covert criminal actions against their internal political opposition.
Engaged in covert manipulation of the people, their representatives and their media.
Restricted the ability of people to become a representative of the people.
Denied certain political parties the right to stand in free and fair elections.

And a great many unjust actions under the agencies of legislature, judiciary and executive.

Whereas, having acquired the right to life upon these lands at birth and having acquired by just and ancient means, a land which is free from claim or reservation, dissenting from the governance of the UK and in avoidance of statelessness:

We the people of Gartbeth do hereby proclaim ourselves the sole political administration over our land, renouncing any express or implied political union with the United Kingdom, its agencies or suzerants, and declaring this Constitution of Gartbeth to be our founding and supreme document.


1. The People of Gartbeth shall be anyone who abides at Gartbeth who has read this constitution and before a Senator has on invitation, expressed agreement to it.
2. Any of the People of Gartbeth, having abided on the land for one year with no more than a total of 41 days of absence shall be admitted as Senators upon the written renouncement of any other citizenship.
3. A Senator shall be automatically releived of their position should they absent themselves from the land for a total number of days amounting to one third of the length of time since the Senator came to abide on the land.
4. The Senate shall convene at intervals, no more than seven days apart at a time and place agreed by the last Senate meeting and promulgated to all Senators then and by word of mouth to non-attendees.
5. Every Senator shall be equal in their rights to raise issues, to debate issues and to vote on issues.
6. It is the responsibility of a Senator to be at the Senate where and when it convenes, and an absence when an issue is voted on shall be deemed a no-vote. No Senator may cast a proxy vote.
7. The Senate shall be responsible for the determination of issues in regard to issues which might affact the land and people of Gartbeth, including foreign matters, resource management and the provision of justice.
8. Issues shall be raised in the Senate in such a fashion that the Senators may vote “yes” or “no”.
9. Unless otherwise constituted, the decisions of the senate shall be determinned as the majority of cast votes, and should the votes be even, then the issue shall be considered to be undeterminned.
10. Any issue once voted on can be raised again at any time.
11. Senators shall be raise an issue of justice before the Senate if they are or have been made aware of it
12. The Senate may banish anyone, including a Senator, who it has found to have acted unjustly but may as an alternative to banishment, offer an alternative forfeit which shall be carried out with the consent of the guilty party.
13. No one, without their consent, shall be confined within Gartbeth, except as may be appropriate for the immediate protection of lives and property.
14. The Senate shall be responsible for legislation which it sees fit to create and repeal.
15. The Senate shall be responsible for foreign policy.
16. No one who is not a Senator shall be permitted to stand before the Senate or to hear it in session, except by the unanimous vote of the Senate.
17. This constitution may be changed only by a unanimous vote by the Senate.
18. Justice shall mean that no rights have been infringed.
19. A right shall be any action or inaction which has subsisted for one year without formal complaint.
20. The Senate may not dismiss the rights of the People of Gartbeth without the freely given express consent of those whose rights are to be dismissed.

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Re: RFC on Gartbeth Constitution

Postby llewop » Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:09 am

a new society based upon yet more legislation? ive tried to discuss the above over on TPUC, but there is a difference of opinion.

i'd be interested to know others opinions concerning this.
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