Schools Out

Schools Out

Postby squark » Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:41 pm

So who is to blame. Who's going to compensate me for all this time I'm spending, all this stress? All the misunderstandings, missed opportunities and wasted efforts.
The Government, Department for Education have you for 12 years. Their prepare us for life in the big wide world.
A quote from my day in court..." UK Citizens are DEEMED to UNDERSTAND the LAW". That is...a judgement is made (deemed) that you have read, comprehended, considered and accepted (UNDERSTAND) all of those words. :-(
I just wrote to to ask if they needed a freedom of info request to tell me "How many words make up the law?" millions? billions? how many?

So the left hand says" we will get you ready for whats coming, thats our department (education)"
The right hand says" You know this stuff already, now do what it says or PAY." (statutory rule)"

Has someone failed in their duty, failed to perform, caused you some hardship? Was there a promise, but they never really delivered?
I love the fact that Rob Maynard, Dean Clifford and no doubt others too occasionally they say "I'm gonna change that." "This guys gonna loose his job" "Justice will be served"
That's a real level of competence, commitment, passion. There's something to strive for there!

Power to the persons! S#it no I mean people, no stop, don't arrest me....I meant to say people, its so damn confusing...........Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp
And the Lord spake unto his people, he said "Get Off MY Bloody Land!"
And the people gave unto the Lord, freely they gave him The Finger
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