How do you and I change the world? Meeting up?

Re: How do you and I change the world? Meeting up?

Postby tidyboyd » Thu Dec 08, 2011 6:17 pm

Thanks for your call Tom, you seem to know what your talking about which is refreshing to say the least! My apologies for the call ending so abruptly, my signal is very poor where I'm located and I have no credit to call you back, also noticed I missed your call an hour later which was a shame. I'm in the process of looking at the bank you were talking about which looks like a great idea! I hope you have as much luck on the freeman society with your insurance.

As for changing the status quo, there doesnt seem to be alot going on in and around the UK apart from the freeman movement. I will endeavour to look longer and harder. There is a group called larouchepac (dot) com where the "worlds leading financial forcaster" Lyndon LaRouche is making moves to help change things. He has a UK branch aswell as I found out from further email enquirys. Definitley worth some of your time. His talks are thought provoking and he reveals some pearls of wisdom. The only person to do so on the level of Veronica in my opinion.

I'll be back in a week with some good stuff hopefully.

If anybody else has any groups, ideas, websites etc to post which are relevant I'd love to see some!

Hope everyones well
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Re: How do you and I change the world? Meeting up?

Postby tom1 » Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:41 am

Hi,I thought you must have run out of credit, looked for freeman society insurance but could not find anything,I would not want to risk buying a conveyance and then it been unlawfully crushed.
I see the sutuation taking a dive down hill soon,it is time for the population to make a choice.What I would do is have a servival kit ready like some americans have,that will provide warmth and shelter and a water filtration kit,I bought a small compact one. Most importantly is to prepare spiritually,as David Icke says,remember who you are.
Unfortunatly,I think only a few are going to servive,there is no way back for alot of people.Have you listened to Alan Watt?
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