Postby huntingross » Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:51 pm

For those of you that follow international treaties and international court rulings etc. etc. You'll be familiar with the phrase 'a peoples'.

'Peoples' have a right to self-determination, but 'peoples' are never quantified in any of these grand documents. And probably intentionally so.

But, if you read the ramblings of so called scholars and lawyers (and 3 High Court Judges I know of) they devote much column inches to what it can mean, in a minimum sense.

The point these so called learn-ed men miss is this -

A 'peoples' CAN NOT be defined by any number unless it is defined by ONE. If ONE or TWO or THREE does not count then 100 or 1000 does not define a 'peoples'.

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Postby Freeman Stephen » Sat Jul 06, 2013 12:41 pm

so if there are more than one peoples, would that make several peopleses? At what stage are we the peopleseseses going to wake up and,realise the so called "law" is being pulled out the arse of completely barking mad crazy nuts who think anyone consents because they have no option but the proverbial gun of government policy enforcing violence which could literally be a gun if you stand on your right to be free from violently compelled obedience to an order you have never had any say in.
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