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Another jurisdictional claim - Another headache

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 10:01 am
by huntingross
UK's claim to Shetland - A press release

Forvik Citizen Management System
This is the text of a press release sent out today:

Sovereign State of Forvik Media Brief
Release Date/time 07:00 26th July 2011.
Source: Forvik Press Office.
Subject: Shetland Campaigner in Court Tomorrow.
Contacts: Stuart Hill +44 (0)1950 477829
Comments, replies to

Shetland Campaigner in Court Tomorrow.
Tomorrow, Wednesday 27th July may be a momentous day for Shetland. That is the day when veteran campaigner Stuart Hill appears in court facing charges of obstructing the police and various traffic offences.
Mr. Hill has been trying to get any Scottish or UK authority to take him to court since he set up the island of Forvik in June 2008, but without success until now.
He said: “It seems that so-called authorities such as the Shetland Islands Council, HMRC VAT and Income Tax departments, The Crown Estate and Northern Constabulary have gone to extraordinary lengths not to confront me in court . Northern Constabulary even seized and had destroyed a Land Rover belonging to me without bringing any charges. They have now seized more of my personal property, which may also be destroyed. I am challenging the jurisdiction of the court and hence the whole basis of Scottish and UK authority in Shetland. Until jurisdiction is proved, we live under an illegal regime. Anyone interested in the future of Shetland should be at the court.”
The case is scheduled for 9:45am tomorrow 27th July. The Lerwick Sheriff Court is open to the public.

Email: for enquiries.

Re: Another jurisdictional claim - Another headache

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 10:05 am
by huntingross

Forvik Citizen Management System
The Forvik Newsletter
Court Result.
Hello Member,
Sorry, my system doesn't allow me to address you by name.
In court today I got an even better result than expected. I never thought that the Sheriff would do any more than find an excuse to pass the question of jurisdiction to a higher court, but he bit the bullet.

I arrived at court in Consular Vehicle number 3, parked it outside the court and donned wig and gown for the cameras outside. Not wanting to get tricked into accepting jurisdiction by simply walking into the building, I sent in a letter by hand outlining my position. This was ignored, so I took off the outfit and went in as a member of the public.

There were over fifty cases to be heard and I was lucky to called at around number three. I refused to go into the dock until I got an assurance that by doing so I would not be inadvertently putting myself under the jurisdiction of the court. The Sheriff ordered me to go in, but I still refused until I got that assurance. It was not forthcoming and he adjourned my case until 2pm.

By that time all the others had been dealt with and it was my turn again. Wearing the gown, I walked into the business part of the court. Once again an argument about going into the dock, including a threat to put me in the cells – which was dropped when I made it clear that I was prepared to do that. I finally went into the dock, but did not formally identify myself. I was told to take off the gown, but pointed out that the Procurator Fiscal was wearing a black gown without causing offence. I was told that only solicitors are allowed to were a gown in court, to which I said that my cape could hardly be mistaken for the real thing. I kept it on until outside the court. I argued that I did not need to plead until the matter of jurisdiction was settled, so did not make a plea on any of the charges.

We finally got round to talking about jurisdiction and the grounds on which I was contesting it. The only ground I'm interested in is whether Shetland is part of Scotland, so that's what will be the subject of a hearing on 16th August.

I have to say I was a bit shell-shocked when I realised that we're actually going to have the legal argument about Shetland's constitutional position – I somehow thought it would be a kind of peripheral issue around the main case at this stage, but now there is a hearing dedicated to the question. I couldn't have asked for better. All I have to do now is present a strong case to prove why Scotland and the UK have no authority in Shetland. No pressure then!

Re: Another jurisdictional claim - Another headache

PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:54 am
by ArturoDekko
I look forward to the 16th with much interest :giggle:

Re: Another jurisdictional claim - Another headache

PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:24 pm
by huntingross

Re: Another jurisdictional claim - Another headache

PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:50 am
by pitano1
hi mark.

fiasco or what?.
because a thing has not been challenged before`, it becomes a treaty. ?

all the classic tactics,were used,to attack.and belittle the the challenger.

the media did their usual job of bias reporting.

if these pirates,can steal canada?

another fine example,of who the law,`really serves`.

look forward to the next of round ignorance :yes:

Re: Another jurisdictional claim - Another headache

PostPosted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:02 pm
by holy vehm
Without wanting to bring negativity to the situation, the outcome of the hearing was almost inevitable, mainly due to the implications of a positive outcome.

There is a silver lining here though, more and more are challenging the system, and with that comes publicity and with that comes an awareness which in turn brings more cases like this.

It also proves that corruption is rife.

Thanks for the update hr

Re: Another jurisdictional claim - Another headache

PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:59 am
by huntingross
Official update from Forvik

I'm writing this at 20:30. At this time, ten years ago today, I was about 50 miles off the west coast of Shetland heading for St. Kilda. I had taken down the rig on my 14ft open sailing boat, battened everything down and was lying to a sea anchor waiting for the storm to go down. I was asleep – unaware that an hour later the boat would be overturned by a rogue wave and would not right itself as it was designed to do. I had to make a decision – make myself comfortable in the upturned boat and right it in the morning, or call the rescue services. Had I known the next day would dawn bright and clear, I would have chosen the first option, but as I could see no sign of the storm abating I decided that discretion was the better part of valour. The helicopter arrived, winched me off and took me to Lerwick with just the clothes I stood up in. So began the best ten years of my life.

So to the court case. On Tu esday we started at 2pm. I was there to challenge the jurisdiction of the court, so when asked 'Are you Stuart Hill?', I gave my name as 'Stuart of the family Hill'. The Sheriff did not like that and after a couple of attempts to make me submit to his jurisdiction, had me handcuffed and sent to the cells, only to recall me 29 minutes later to carry on as if nothing had happened. I'm not saying any more at this stage and don't want to discuss it yet, but the thing that surprised me most was that nobody seemed to think it extraordinary. What has happened to our society when this kind of intimidation and 'softening up' can just be taken as the norm?

We spent about 90 minutes discussing the merits of my argument, then adjourned for the day while the Sheriff digested my 71 page submission and some extra documents I had not been able to bring that day.

Wednesday stared with the same stand-off over identification until I said they had better use whatever devic e they had used the day before. So I then started to try to establish if he actually had jurisdiction at that moment. I could not break through with that argument and unsurprisingly he came to the decision that the court had jurisdiction and invited me to plead guilty or not guilty. I was not willing to plead anything, so he entered a plea of guilty on my behalf, which I failed to challenge. I'm getting better, but still find it hard think quickly on my feet.

So just sorting out strategy for the next stage. Obviously I don't want to discuss that here, but I have some ideas that could prove interesting.