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Ive been living off grid for almost a year now and its coming into spring, so its time to plant some crops, and if others are to enjoy the same pleasures I have, then now would be a good time to come and try this out.

The one thing thats been holding me back from publicly inviting people is that I might end up with just the one asshole who will ruin it for everyone and leave me in a state of limbo as far as having a place to rest my head is concerned.

Basically I need you to understand that what I am trying to achieve is practical sovreignty, that is to say, more than just words written down on a bit of paper, that the land is indeed independent for all its needs, or at least can yield things which can be traded for these needed things. I am unconcerned with making any claims to legal or lawful sovereignty, nor do I accept any claims that there is any lack of lawful or legal sovereignty. In short, it is undefined, and if someone wants to define it as being legal or lawful sovereign or not, then they will have to prove that beyond any doubt whatsoever.

Most important is that there is peace and freindship between the people who live there and that those who live nearby to the land are unaffected by our actions. That last part is an important thing to be understood by people coming here.

*The music can be louder than normal when living in a concrete box, but not so loud that it affects neighbours a mile or so away.

*Rubbish must be recylced in some fashion - fuel/building material/etc

*There are no car parking facilities, cars cannot get onto the land, firstly because even a land rover would have difficulty traversing the land, but mostly because in order to get a car onto the land, trees on neighbouring land would have to be cut down. If you are coming here permanently, sell your car. If your coming here to see what its like, leave your car at home.

*There is a limited supply of everything in varying degrees of limitedness. Trees are a prime example of this. They are needed for building and replenishing themselves. Dead wood is perfect for firewood as it tends to dry out easier - and theres plenty of dead wood around.

*People who plan to live permanently should bring some crops to plant - read up on runrig farming. People who plan to come for a holiday should try to help the efforts of those who are working the land, or at least dont hinder them.

*Plastic bottles have many uses and are easy to destroy. Glass bottles have some uses but can break easily and are difficult to destroy - opt for plastic please or take your glass away with you if theres no practical use for it.

*Everyone as a minimum will need a tent, a sleeping bag, wet weather clothes and cooking utensils. You might use a litre and a half of potable water every day and you cany guarantee a supply until you have some collection facility in place - which right now is not up and running even for me (since the fire). There is a stream where water for washing and cleaning can be got but this water is not good for drinking. You will also need food. There are some foragable foods on the land in high summer but not a whole load, but then Im no foraging expert.

*Those coming with a view to permanancy should also bring garden tools - a fork, a spade, a rake and a hand plough if such a thing can be sourced by anyone cos I cant find one anywhere. They should also bring enough seeds to feed them for a year. These people will have first dibs on the trees which they can use for building proper shelters - cant live in tents during the winter - well you can if you reinforce them but its cramped and difficult to keep warm.

There are shops about an hours walk away - a supermarket as well as a pound store, a domestic goods shop and a camping store.

If this floats your boat, call me on

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