State Free Living

State Free Living

Postby Freeman Stephen » Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:48 am

Have you got what it takes to live without the state? Can you survive without the national grid, water treatment plants, television networks, roads and street lighting? Can you do this in Scotland during the winter?

Except in the circumstance of self-sustenance (which includes self-defence), the golden rule applies to and for all creatures which find or have found their way onto the land of Gartbeth - do not injury to any creatures body, rights or property.

The rent for the period beteen the sepetember and march equinoxes (23 sep - 20 mar) will be:

1 troy ounce of cupro nickel of a purity 75% Copper and 25% Nickel,
(this is equivalent of just under 10 five pence coins, or just unnder 4 fifty pence coins)

or some other commodity of equal or better worth. The rent cannot be paid in any Fiat Currency other than the Gartbeth Equi (as yet to be determinned), though the use of cupronickel from fiat coinages of any currency will be accepted at their commodity value. Rent will be applicable per human being.

Due to the nature of the ancient laws of the land of Scotland, there is nothing to stop you living on most parts of Gartbeth without paying rent, however, it will be preferrable in the long run if it can be established that rents were collected and not linked to any fiat currency scheme we ourselves do not maintain.

This is not a task for the lighthearted or the infirm. If you arent frightened by the concept, you havent grasped what it means. You will need plenty of warm clothes, good quality camping equipment,waterproofs, wellingtons, a years supply of food, or the ability to supply such for yourself as needs require. There is plenty of fuel in terms of peat and wood, and with the soil it is possible to create for ourselves winter accomodation, but tents should be brought as a contingency, as well as emergency foil tents as backup should plan B fail. Bring farming equipment like forks, spades, etc, solar panels and anything you think will be beneficial to the group.

The land is not accessible by car and there is no place to park cars or even caravans nearby. Provisions and equipment can be dropped off at a point on the nearest road about 250 yards from the land, but due the nature of the road, the potential for inconvenience to other road users, the golden rule and other factors there are specific times of the day and week when it is best to do this.

There is a suburban shopping complex about three miles walk away which is handy both for restocking of provisions and also as a transport link for those using public transport. The land is within commuting distance of Glasgow City and the exact location and directions will be revealed to those who can write up a vision for Gartbeth which is compatible with that already envisioned. You should send this to steph dot c dot duffy at google mail dot com, which of course is my email address deformatted to prevent robots from sending me junkmail. It is hoped that there can be a group there bedding in by the september equinox, I will be one of them.
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Re: State Free Living

Postby Freeman-B » Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:50 pm

Hey Stephen

I have been seriously thinking about joining you for some time, and would definitely like to talk to you regarding claims etc, as I have some possibilities in the works myself.

However, given that my family seem to be tiring of my "Preaching" (that's what I heard from elsewhere tonight, after only being here a month, lol) it might be sooner rather than later!!

You can lead a sheeple to freedom, but you can't make it free, I guess!

Will be in touch regarding Gartbeth, in the meantime, if you need any help, please let me know.

One thing that I think is VERY important to note, however, is the potentially catastrophic winter we may be facing due to the effects of the chemicals BP (and others) have dumped into the Gulf of Mexico - stalling the "loop current" and the Gulfstream that depends on it. If it stays stalled (the Gulfstream) last winter will seem like a picnic once this one hits! I sincerely hope I am wrong. Think Alberta temperatures and get your thermals ready -

:peace: :love:
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