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Postby demur » Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:13 pm

Thanx for the links Greg. The impression i get is that perhaps if i for instance were granted some land that was registerd or not, i could Notice land reg or in fact any group of the establishment as i believe 'service to one is service to all', that i will hold this land as allodium land independant from any monarch etc. And if they do not reply within the honourable timescale, then the Notice stands in common law.

I really can't stand all thes bodies that are involved with registrations. Land registery was supposed to be there to resolve land issues and so called ownership, but the fact of the matter is that they can't even copy lines set out on deeds, or even read maps beyond a primary school level. So if they can't even sort out the basic principles of their so called existance, then obviously they have an underlying agenda. I have seen friends go to court spending their entire life savings defending against neighbours trying to pinch land and even though the land is registerd with all the boundaries in proper place, and having the original deeds, they lose.

I wonder if anyone in england or wales in particular, has tried to de register land, or claim it off the monarch or temple crown?

I did try to send a message to Veronica as i have read her book, about anything she might know but i realised i was unable as i forgot she would have loads of 'quick fixer's' trying to bombard her with solutions but i shall try and contact Freeman Stephen next if i can. I have seen his info and vids and they look very interesting even though they relate to scotland.

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